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Re: Frame rate issues since around new year

by EA_Joker

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Frame rate issues since around new year

Champion (Retired)
Seems to be effecting some more than others but does anyone know if a fix is being worked on for the current frame rate issues? I basically have the frame rate warning symbol on permanently now. Restarting seems to help but it's doesn't ever seem to go away entirely. I've seen some people claim it's related to the windows creator update and elsewhere people calling it the 18 bug but is there any sort of fix or workaround?
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Re: Frame rate issues since around new year

EA Community Manager

Hey @eI-nombre,


not sure if that is connected to the recent Windows update that closes the security gaps.


Other than that, you can try to limit your framerate manually:


- Go to "C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront II\settings"


- Open "ProfileOptions_profile" and edit the line "GstRender.maxvariablefps 61" to match your mmonitors framerate +1. If you have a 60 Hz monitor, set it to 61.


- Create a file in notepad. Add "gametime.maxvariablefps 61" or replace 61 with the applicable value. Save it to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Star Wars Battlefront II" or wherever your game directory is located and call the file "user.cfg". Make sure to select "all files" as save option in notepad.


Launch the game again and see if the issue is still occurring.

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Re: Frame rate issues since around new year

Champion (Retired)
Finally got round to trying this. Wasn't entirely sure if I was editing the right thing so I just limited it with Nvidia inspector instead. Doesn't really seem to have made any difference. Still getting significant fps drops. Just been playing and was getting 15 at some points. I'm not sure what the threshold is for the different coloured warning symbols but I rarely ever got yellow before xmas but now I'm doing well if it is. It's orange most of the time.
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