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Foldable factory spoiler for Audi R8

by SpirosFX

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Foldable factory spoiler for Audi R8

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I have chosen to use Audi's factory spoiler, which is foldable, so i'd like to see it so ingame as well, as it should already be by now, like the rest of the cars that have similar spoiler  and are made like this ingame too. It's a detail, but details always make the difference, especially those which are easy to see.

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Re: Foldable factory spoiler for Audi R8

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Yeah, I agree details matter to drivers in real life and in games!

The sad thing is Ghost Studios must drive a Hugo car with no options because in Payback we have less of what we wanted!....LOL

Let's hope the details can get worked out one of these days with EA / Ghost Studios! 

We buy these games and it ends up giving us 10 min of fun but then the game advances and the headaches start! 

So I feel the frustration you feel here with the missing details!

Have a good day. 

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