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Re: Flight height for aircraft

by VRtroper

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Flight height for aircraft

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It would be wise to increase the height of flight in aircraft. BF1942 could even disappear aircraft when they ascended, BFV in the mission of the plane have a perfect height. Because in conquest mode the height is so poor?

Increase the height will give more play to those pilots who wants a good duel between planes. Increasing the height of the game on planes surely should not be a problem for EA, I hope you reconsider and among all we can improve this great game.


I remember that in BF1 and at the height it was insufficient in the airplanes.

Here's an example;


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Re: Flight height for aircraft

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Not sure if that was you but it was impressive camera switching. Do you enjoy the air combat only game modes our previous Battlefield games have?


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Re: Flight height for aircraft

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The flight ceiling is already high enough in CQ for you to evade pom-poms so I'm not exactly sure increasing it will go over well for the general public, especially with some pf the aces out there who can drop bombs with pin point accuracy (awful flashbacks of BF1 Operations bomber planes).


I understand that converting a SP map to MP is easier said than done, but that flying tutorial mission area would be a perfect place to add a small Air Superiority type of mode.


From my experience and perspective with this type of mode, the general enthusiasm tends to see a steep drop off after a month so it doesn't need to be extravagent - keep it simple for the die hard aerial fans and those who want to set up a dogfighting league (think Pheonix Aerial League). An even easier (and more cost effective) way of going about this is just allowing a toggle in RSP for CQ since that has the largest map and fly zone.

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Re: Flight height for aircraft

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I have been a bf1942 driver since its beginning in a professional manner. I have played in x6tence several years and we won the EAgames bf1942 in MAdrid, which was celebrated in 2003, leaving my team in 1st place.

I like Battlefield and that's why I want to help improve it.
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Re: Flight height for aircraft

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I agree with you, the bombs will fall from the sky from more height. But ... the opposing team has planes to deal with that bombing.

The bomber can be given worse visibility at higher altitudes to avoid bombing.

The power to fly higher for the fighters is for a greater maneuver when you fight against another fighter faster. Right now the planes are not worth much, just bomb and little else.

Bf1942 had a fantastic air game where the pilots could spend long minutes fighting without disturbing the infantry.

BF2, bf3 and bf4 were much higher than BF1 and BFV

You can always try a time and if people do not like to remove it.
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