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by Gansobr10

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Fix this horrible gameplay, what do you guys have in your minds to change the whole gameplay ? bring back the gameplay like it was in the demo. I gave up playing this stupid game, and so many other players think the same way. This is a total disrespect for whom plays FIFA since 95. Bunch of mercenaries ! every year only focusing on making players buy expensive packs for UT, it was not enough only buying an expensive gam. Every year, launchs a good demo, and destroy the game on every next update. Congratulations EA, good way to hear your clients, never again I'll buy products from you.

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Re: #Fixfifa

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I know they are a business and money is god, but making a game that people want to play comes a clear second to profits. Poor game play and scripted games is all we will get, and it will be that way until people make a stand and not buy EA games.  EA are only concerned with "micro transactions" or "loot boxes", FIFA has not progressed in two or three years and is horrible at the moment. But no fix is forthcoming, lots of "special" packs and many many different enhanced players can be released, but a working game to use those special players is not EA's main concern. How to get back the money they are losing on Battlefront 2 is EA 's aim now! 


"Fixing" a game that is already released is not as urgent, as getting more money from you, and EA knows we know this, but they still do it.


Four months after release and FiFA gets more broken with every update, and the script is getting worse, but i know one thing, there will more special players and promo packs for us to buy before another update tries to fix it.


I feel sorry for the help staff at EA, those people are just used as a buffer to stop the decision makers having to listen to anybody who might have problem or just want to register there displeasure.


And according to Andrew Wilson EA are going to put gamers first, I'll believe that when i see it.


Never will EA get any more money from me, just for the disgusting way they treat their customers!!

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Re: #Fixfifa

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I agree to a large extent. I had no problem with the gameplay in FIFA 13 -16 on PS3 . I go to PS4 and its terrible, theyve sacrificed gameplay for stupid aesthetics and other fancy nothings. All I want is good gameplay , they need to drop the graphical input as their servers clearly cant handle it, they lag most of the time and fix the game mechanics , the game is nearly unplayable 90% of the time for me. I cant even return it FFS , such a shame because i usd to love FUT , now it just gives me a headache even when i win.

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