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Fix battlefield V

by shahnawazgulzar3

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Fix battlefield V

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I just want to say that please make battlefield 5 like battlefield 1 because battlefield1 is way too much better than battlefield 5, one of the main issue is that the guns feel unrealistic as compared to battlefield 1 where the guns and the mechanisms are very realistic, so please make battlefield 5 great so we can all enjoy the best of battlefield 5.

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Re: Fix battlefield V

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BUT do NOT bring back Gas, Grenade spam, Elites, Behemoths, Artillery trucks or Ilya heavy bombers. Those things were awful in BF1.

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Re: Fix battlefield V

Hello @shahnawazgulzar3

Thanks for opinion.

Thats why new BFV was called "#NeverBeTheSame".. Standard smile Every Battlefield is not a same thing...

Battlefield 1 is awesome, same like Battlefield 3 is awesome and those old good times will never be back..
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Re: Fix battlefield V

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But at least they should fix and make it better.
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Re: Fix battlefield V


Dev team is working hard on it.. Bux fixes and other stuff to improve that game. You cant see that hard work from your room at home. Standard smile

More content incoming to the game.
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Re: Fix battlefield V

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But they must add realistic gun mechanics
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