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First thoughts

by pocatheone

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First thoughts

★★★ Newbie

I joined C&C Rivals couple of days ago


So far I'm enjoining my time on the game and already on league gold on full F2P account Standard smile


here's few points that are frustrating/puzzling me a little :

  • it seems there is few early strategies viable (Shockwave troopers and bazzokas) That may only because most people just joined like me and have only one commander and full GDI. This meens that most early game is shockwave vs shockwave and a level advantage can be really impactfull on the whole match whithout being a strategic desision, just better stats.
  • When using the commander power, if the cell selected is not available (fail body block for example) the power it still selected and we must either put it elsewhere or cancel the action to be able to regain control over our units. This problem cost me a few games due to not be able to micro-manage for 1 or two seconds. This design choice seems odd to me and i'd rather unselect the power after any cell selected, valid or not.

Hope my english is not too crappy


Open to discussion



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Re: First thoughts

★★★ Guide

Welcome pacotheone!


Don't worry about your english, you are doing great!


1) The game branches out more when you have access to all units. Early game strats include harvester then rifles, harvester then rockets, harvester then buggy, harvester then war dogs, harvester then drones, war dogs then harvester, rifles then harvester, rockets then harvester, bikes x2, scorpion tank rush, nothing but drones... just to name a few. If you think the early game is just shockwave spam and you lose from levels, then stop playing the game and beat them to the punch. Build a harvester, then go straight for a rhino. It will be nearly impervious to their rifles/shockwave units and can see 3 tiles to scout what they are building next so you can have your next counter ready and waiting! 


2) Yea, this can be frustrating. Would be nice to have an option to toggle that if you fail to place the power on screen you have to re-select it to use it. Good suggestion!

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