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Fifa 20 ideas

by spurs19871

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Fifa 20 ideas

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1 im hoping its not just gonna be the 1 extra league that u licence on fifa 20 with all stadiums cause im sure now u got champions league license it be great to have all the stadiums for top 5 leagues especially seria a bundesliga and ligue 1 but would still down in the future hope u finish the championship stadiums as u already have 9 teams or some portuguese stadiums or turkish or even psv or feynoord would be great i do wish we had a stadium creator thru 
2 select a real manager like klopp or guardiola
3 more options if u do create your own manager more customize on hats or watches certain details
4 stadium upgrade or future stadium construction
5 new sponsors official or even fake will do if u been with same team in career mode for so many years it looks no different to season 1
6 an option where we can also see whp one the cups of the other leagues and who there top scorers was
7 manager press conference answer different questions on your team and other teams
8 more interaction with the social media of fans commenting on how well u are playing or things they dont like like players not starting or not spending money on transfers an option to view this
9 more manager rivalrys played out in the media
10 sackings a must use different manager faces to replace certain positions
11 an option to view your stadium capacity for each month as well as view the others
12 highlights reel of all the games including yours for goal of the week
13 player post match interview and one player handing the other man of the match award
14 more cut scenes of these players receiving there awards
15 better cut scenes of transfer deadline day
16 be able to watch the champions league draw from the beginning
17 kits that change is a must
18 your in titanic championship battle with a team playiny in another game like when man city won there premier league title in dramatic fashion against QPR and they showed in a small box in corner of the screen man utd players was looking on after there game had finiahed waiting for the outcome of man city result to be declared champions thereself something like this with a mini screen would be fantastic and add to the drama
19 more options for scouting
20 more options for contracts like buyback clause or 2 player swapor option to buy after loan
21 signing staff goalkeeper coach
22 transfer ban if u broke any rules
23 more career saves
24 an option to talk to your players if there not happy or u are happy with them or they need to find a new club
25 better trophy presentation
26 pyros
27 pitch invasion for celebrations for promotions
28 change a players position
29 more manager faces from different leagues
30 a proper youth system in your career mode like an under 18 squad or under 21 something better than we already have 

31 social media platforms fans venting there delight ot frustration

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Fifa 20 ideas or future fifas

★★★★ Novice

1 mascots added
2 stretcher for serious injury
3 more different injurys like head to head replays on what happend
4 booing and anger from fans towards ex players 
Or players who commited a bad foul boo for rest of the match
5 players taunts crowd if its a rival or ex club
6 Proper VAR footage
7 tunnel entrance
8 club anthem beginning of match and after full time
9 more player songs
10 derbys need to be more fiery players and fans chanting and noise need to be up a level more finger pointing from fans and taunting and more handbags between players and referee trying to control the game and cards to be shown make it more passionate commentators need more of how important this is if its a derby or title race or its a dirty game 
11 commentators last minute goals need uping the volume and fans need a bigger reaction and substitutes getting involved in celebrations
12 before game starts why not that we see the outside of the stadium as well as the inside

13 diving not good for the game but its become so apart of the game as realistic as possible bookings if ref caught u more controversal decisions from refs more stick towards the ref also from fans
14 an option yes or no for managers to approach the referee at half time or full time which could maybe get u sent to stands
15 manager to manager touchline spats 4th official trying to separate more realisim 
16 dynamic weather
17 teams that getting heavy beat needs more anger from fans and finger pointing and even boos towards there own players and boos and mass walk out during that match commenators to take notice of that
18 random players not happy to come off to be replaced a simple shrug of shoulders or disagreement with manager 
19 atmosphere in stadiums needs turning up i repeat especially in derby games especially likes of olympiakos vs panathanikos flares and hostility we should see the ultra we should see the stewards
20 certain teams not to have stadiums completely full if teams not performing well or low supported team unless there playing a really important game like local game or title decider then unstandable would be full
21 legends in the crowd or directors or chairmans at least someone 

22 more generic stadiums with higher capacity that will give us more options to put barcelona or another club in a stadium thats more true to likeness if for whatever reasons there stadium continue to not be on game surely there has to be a better alternative cause el libertador for one has a low capacity and looks nothing like nou camp i understand ea that u probably cant do a proper true to tru likeness for obvicous reasons but give us fans either an option to create stadiums to other stadiums being pinched or add more generix stadiums that have a similar capacity or at least a smiliar shape lile im sure a bigger version to mestella which looks similar to nou camp hope this can be addressed for fans either in fifa 20 or future fifas cause it will certainly calm the anger from the fans to a certain extent we just want alternatives if u can provide us teams or stadiums that ourselves can create or edit same with boca juniors 

23 this one should be so easy to sort out ea but the kits some kits in europe like spurs play in all white also bayern if u look in bundesliga the names and numbers are different to champions league 

24 kids coming out with the players maybe it doesnt seem a big deal but we want more reality 

25 nothing similar to journey mode if u have a new mode something like a 5 a side indoors football or street football put your energy into a revamped career mode some of them cut scenes in the journey surely can go into career mode

26 more international teams not gonna lie i play my international football on pes simply cause theres more nations and seem more care towards doing modes like world cup mode or euros or copa america u even have enough teams to do the africa nations cup and afc asian cup where as fifa the national teams get smaller and only a few african teams and asian which u cant do much with.

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Fifa 20 future leagues

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Future leagues


1 when u first put womens national teams i was happy womens football getting noticed but since then u have stalled when will we see any of thr womens club leagues its thriving at the moment and breaking attendance records so more womens leagues it also would help for career mode to do a womens career mode.


2  vanarama league really hope ea u have seen the petition to get it on the game its long overdue its grass roots football and would give make career mode the boost of takint a team all the way to the top it also would be awesome for fa cup draw barnet draw man city 


3 with quite a few european league south america and north america and australia and asia u once had the south african league which i feel should be brought back and with it the incredible kaizer chiefs stadium 


4 indian league would be marketable like the chinese league and fans would enjoy this one too


5 as hard as it is and so many people im sure u probably have tried but cause of there deals with pes but still we so badly want to see a fully license brazilian league no fake names so much talent comeing thru


6 this one is not exactly a league but rest of the world great to see u added dynamo kiev but would love more of these teams who do qualify for champions league competion like apoel for instance just more of these teams 

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Fifa 20 Suggestions

★★★★ Novice

1 id like to see more generic stadiums if we dont see the likes of the nou camp return cause the current stadium u have them in capacity wise is awful give us one without a running track cause of they sign a new deal with pes then thatd another few years we dont see it.


2 mascots 


3 the rest of the championship stadiums added as there are already quite a few id like to ser u finish it off no point adding just the 1 if a team whos stadium already on the game gets promoted


4 id love to see the national league so we can do a road to glory get to champions league with teams like dagenham redbridge


5 serie a stadiums and managers and also same with bundesliga


6 portuguese stadiums and dutch teams psv and feynoord


7 a stadium from the australian league 


8 an african league like bring back south african league


9 more rest of world teams from countries like egypt or urguguay or peru different mix 


10 bring back psg manager 


11 add lyons new stadium look brilliant in champions league 


12 different kits and fake sponsors in career mode i say fake cause i know the likes of addidas and nike there be all kinds of issues


13 club takeovers 


14 fans leaving stadium during mid match due to poor performance 


15 empty stadiums for teams near bottom of league


16 womens super league 


17 let us look at whos one cups in other league not just who one there leagues 


18 a better transfer day like cinematic also champions league 


19 ex players in the crowd 


20 more controversy during matches get fans involved


21 manager bust ups on touchline


22 managers moving clubs and sackings


23 give us option at half time or full time to argue with referee if we not happu over decision if it result in ban in things like career mode 


24 bigger youth teams so we can look around the world for talent not just seletive countries


25 rivalrys more intense between players and fans not just commentators saying this one matters more action whtether it be fan seperations or managers and more stewards


26 manager rivalry off the pitch in media let things and rumours play out more so we can spice the upcoming games up 


27 outside stadium view before the match use the stadiums u got on the game so we cam see more views apart from only a few like old trafford we get different views 


28 dynamic weather


29 let us select the real manager of rhe club rather than having tp create one


30 more better celebrations after winning league with backroom staff and manager joining in 


31 more whisting to your own players if there linked with other clubs or played poorly all season and cost alot of money happens alot these days players not living up to expectations the fans turn also get the player perspective like frustration when they score to prove a point 


32 let us see our medals and cups list thru thr players and managers of what they have won on there cv


33 let us put out ticket prices and view attendance records and compare against other teams 


34 let us view the top scorers of the other leagues


35 more cinematic on things like other awards not just balon d ore like manager of the seaosn get up at end of season a list of who has won what also let us view the record of the same players been top scorers for number of years and odd shots of them holding up like 3 golden boots or golden glove just more info

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