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Fifa 20 gameplay.... your thoughts?

by d34n0k3nt

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Re: Fifa 20 gameplay.... your thoughts?

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It`s incredible trash, beyond any possible comprehension!

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Re: Fifa 20 gameplay.... your thoughts?

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The developers at fifa do know how to make a good game on release it was fantastic, tackling was great passing was realistic sure it was slower but gave way to the one on ones and the new jockey system.


However the money men at EA were not happy with profits as the poorer players were not winning as the skill gap had improved with minimal AI assistance hence they forced the developers to update it to this free for all, bobbling back to the poorer players so they would keep buying UT cards.


The guys behind the creation of the game are I'm sure frustrated that they can't give you their vision of the game as we know they can we've all played a decent version of the game.

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Re: Fifa 20 gameplay.... your thoughts?

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Someone deserve to be in jail for this game. Their servers are peace of *. They not invest to solve must important problem only making better graphic, hey we can't play this stupid game, are you all blind or you don't hear all players. It is unplayable, do something, are you company or wild market. What is your problem EA, you have virus in your minds or what. Ok, i am sheep, beee,beee,beee, but fix your bad servers.

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