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Fifa 19 UT Delay

by Bobsana20

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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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I have 100 mb conexion. Google Fiber.

My pin with almost every internet server is 11ms.

When i play WL the first 5 games run perfect and them the delay starts.

Ea please fix that people.

It is too much.

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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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You need to understand that our internet is fine. I don't get what makes it so hard for you guys to realize that. If everyone is saying that everything else is fine then it should be something from your side. This problem isn't anything minor. It really determines every game we play and that really sucks when you lose not because you deserve it but because of your servers. I don't get why only in fifa these stressful things have to happen.

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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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This problem is driving me crazy. And I've been trying everything. Nothing can fix it. 

It's your servers EA. 

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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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Can someone contact EA and resolve this SERIOUS issue?

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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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Switch to PES2019, don't have this issue and I have wasted far too much money on buying Fifa coins to put up with this UT delay issue.
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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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cause every other game is from proper companies like activision bethesda etc. this is ea. battlefront, fifa, battlefield, anthem and the list goes on.. every game disapointment. if you think ea is rockstar or activision and they will actually have a solution think again.
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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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It will never change I’m afraid. Fifa 19 is a broken game. You need a 1 GB WiFi download speed and 300k upload to play fut as it was meant to be played.  I’ve now given up with Fifa and plan to put off as many people as possible to boycott it. It causes depression in young kids and is very dangerous to young lives. EA are spineless greedy rats who need to be ended.  They tell you it’s your connection issue but a game should not be sold on the basis of fut working because it should work and play fair online for all no matter what the connection type. Any disadvantage voids all stats in my opinion. Weekend league is now a laughing stock.  Guys like Krasi and Ovi etc are shamefully taking money for telling lies.  I got lag 90% of the time and the gameplay was unplayable. My son has become very depressed over it. We changed from Xbox to PS4 and got 200 mb fibre. If anything it has gotten worse.  I believe that EA have patched and changed to often, no decent honest player ( a rarity) knows how to score anymore. One side has severe delay and the opposition has a perfect server connection giving him an easy free win so all wins and losses are total Bullcrap.

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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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You are talking sycophantic garbage.  Fut should be fair in every game. No one player should have a connection advantage it’s criminal to allow such a situation.  There should be a warning on the fifa19 retail box. ‘ online gameplay me be unplayable forever so there is a risk you might commit suicide after months of delay depressing you.’  Fifa needs to be started from scratch with no glitches and no AI except a beginners mode.


also a return of lobbies to weekend league so that we are able to see who we are playing and have a connection analysis to determine if we want to play.  Everything needs to be completely transparent like it already should be.

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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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Im sorry about your kid, you need to cheer him up explain how this game works specially the business part...

I think the EA ban in Belgium has a lot of answers about this game, because the fact kids are users, and loot boxes should be ilegal for kids and the way they are leading this game is not healthy for kids or underage (not even for adults) this game is fundamentally wrong.

I mentioned in other forums, the main problem with this game is not technical (glitches) all of them can be handled. The problem with this game is the greed, the misunderstanding of soccer and the importance of a "team work" instead of a "star player" but they believe that messi alone is winning cups or UCL, or CR7 alone was Real Madrid, so they create all kind of cards based on this wrong idea, causing a unbalanced, unfair game just for their greed make money...
Those packs are the problem number 1 and we need to get rid of them.
TOTW, TOTT, TOTY and all kind of specials are the problem number 2, and we need to get rid of it
And the number 3, they need to get rid of the dinamyc difficulty/momentum o what ever this thing is called for them, is criminal, unfair, illegal and unmoral.

Hope someday they just realize they are affecting people phycologically and monetary, this is not a "FUN GAME" anymore, and not sure if I cand still describe it as a "Game"
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Re: Fifa 19 UT Delay

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