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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

by milamber182

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Fifa 19 Suggestions

★★★★ Novice

Ideas for Fifa 19


I am enjoying playing 'PLAYER CAREER' and was wondering if there is a way to give the player career more depth.

For instance:


1. Have a default first name as well as the existing surname for the commentary, stadium line up callouts and 'Man of the Match' etc. So I can hear when we are at home my 'players name' on the squad list etc.


2. A Contract, maybe if you cannot give me the actual contract, then maybe letting me know what my agent has agreed and/or offers open to me. I always start in the English leagues at one of the clubs in the lowest division, in the hope that if I improve throughout my career that higher clubs would be interested in offering me the opportunity to join their squad. Sadly, this seems to be skimmed over, I expect due to most players want to have a career in their own favourite club and not wanting to change. However, to keep the game in balance of an actual 'Player's career', then clubs would seek out players. This can also be extended at the start of the players career, for instance three clubs that would be interested in signing a young player.


3. During my player career, I received messages that really did not involve me. For instance, if there is not a full compliment of players available for a match, I was giving the option of FORFEIT. Why, I have no idea as I am not within a Manager Career, however, what should have happened is that my current manager should have sent me an email informing me of his decision to forfeit a match for reasons that he thinks is appropriate (should me (as a player) need to know).


I am not sure what your setup is for a manager career, but when I tried it in Fifa 16 I was hugely disappointed because I used to play and get highly involved with the Fifa Manager series. Sadly the last one was Fifa 14 I believe and have never been able to find a good replacement where I can watch a football match rather than reading lots of text or watching highlights (knowing the outcome of the match before I start it). Fifa Manager had that special something that no others had and I miss it greatly. However, unless you guys have changed it, the manager career, is not really about being a manager as you still have to play the game by controlling the team during a match, rather than watching the players, seeing how they are performing and substitute them or change formation/tactics.


Anyway, its just a couple of ideas I thought i'd pass along as, unlike a lot of your customers, I just play all game solo. Mainly because as I am aged 51, I don't have a huge social network of friends to play any of my games with. The few I have got are not really into computers.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

Community Manager

Hey all, thanks for the constructive feedback. I will pass it on to the studio team. 

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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

★★★★ Novice

My wishlist:


- The default speed of the game should be a little slower to match real life football.
- Allow multiple Setting Profiles
- Option to disable Autosave or switch to a 1 or 2 files Autosave to reduce cloud sync time on a slow internet connection
- Change player hairstyles and body size in Player Edit
- Remove injured player from pitch after maximum subs have already been made
- AI slider for foul frequency
- Option to make subs at half time in Sim Match
- Option to Rename or Delete Default Team Sheet
- Select Custom Formations and Custom Tactics during match (not just via Team Sheets before matches)
- Players should not complain about match time when they have already agreed an outgoing transfer
- Players should not complain about a lack of matches pre-season
- Option to retract Player Swap during Transfer negotiations
- In-game Gamma option
- 8xMSAA option
- Option to disable Depth of Field
- Allow Contract negotations with players out on loan
- Allow Tansfer negotations with players in on loan
- End of season Awards in Career Mode should be given some fanfare
- Keep User player and team histories in Career Mode
- Auto kick the ball out of play when a player is down injured
- Filter function for the shortlist (longer shortlists are a pain to navigate)
- Allow Compare Players and Scout Player on the Transfer Shortlist screen
- Ability to Sort Scout Report by Player Age
- Option to talk to player to convince them to accept an outgoing transfer
- Option to talk to player to convince them to reject a transfer offer that activates the minimum release clause
- Ability to save instant replays (even if it's just 30-60 seconds at a time)
- Instant replays should include post-goal celebrations
- Trainer indicators should be off by default in Instant Replays
- Ability to set a Secondary Captain for each Team Sheet for the when the Captain is substituted
- We should be able to view a Live Table of the current competition during a match
- A non-commentary way to find out who the referee is once the match has started.
- The "Too many players already released" limit is pointless. At least reduce the length of times it lasts.
- Loan with first option to buy in future
- More substitute options for each position (ie. players who are proficient in multiple positions).
- Half-time injury severity report available in the menu when 1 or more players are injured
- Option to select duration when selecting "Re-list All" in FUT
- Option to disable Sun Shafts/Lens Flares which can be annoying when using the Pro Camera
- Camera Height option for Pro Camera
- Ability to search for specific types of cards (like Rare, IF, PTG etc.) in FUT
- More thorough options for Transer Search in FUT
- Ability to search for specific consumables in FUT
- Concept Manager Search in FUT
- Allow 3 kits in FUT
- Place All on Transfer List option in FUT
- AI teammates need to be better at marking on throw-ins

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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

[ Edited ]
★ Apprentice
I stopped supporting ea on FIFA since 2016 stopped and switched to football manager and PES and think is the best decision.
But of FIFA is willing to do changes than:

Revamp single player in meaningful way.

In Single player allow full customization and creation of a player from scratch, we want or real player not the politically correct Alex, which we have no connection with and is boring player that isn't even real.

Seriously, Politics of game studios should have no place in games keep them for yourself.
Give full freedom us to chose who we want to play and not some politically correct person which on top of being politically correct joke that is, is also tied to English league as is the only league in world and the very best winning all the champion leagues. (Mainstream with sales sure due to England exposure, but as far as titles far from it.)

Allow option to retire as manager.

If you want to make pay to win system at last :

Give us Multiplayer fut and manger career with meaningful options and much more as football manager 2018 does which can impact game play, and not the joke of entire management focusing aspect in chemistry. While Chemistry is important is only one aspect of management take a clue on FIFA manager 2014 and football manager series what they offer.

Gerald Köhler The director and designer of FIFA 2014 had plenty of good ideas to keep up with football manager but unfortunately ea will be ea with "cut throat" dumb short sighted decisions .

Make much more effort with physics game play they look a joke and still close to arcade compared to PES.

Slow down with scripting is so obvious now makes the game look like handicap joke.
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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

-make a First Person view for be a pro mode
-much more smarter AI teammates (now impossible to play one touch football)
-earn to be in the fist line up like story mode (be a pro mode)
-negotiation cutscene about transfer in be a pro mode
-FIFA team should learn math because 92 sprint (striker) is slower than 76 sprint (defender)
-delete collision from the game or make it normal, because my players can't evade the opponent player and it's stucked too often
-ball handling is too bad
-defenders are lazy and stupid *
-offside trap is ridiculous (see above) *
-forget scripting and handicapping

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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

★★★★ Novice
Also, with the English Football League, for example, when a team is promoted into the Premier League, make it so the numbers and arm badges change to the Premier League's, and vice versa if a team is relegated to the Championship.

With regards to edit mode, maybe organise the boots into sort of folders or separate drop-downs for their corresponding makes to make them easier to find without having to scroll all the way through them all.
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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

★★★★ Novice
Agreed! I think you’d like Football manager good for watching simulated games, Player career needs more of a personality but has a lot of potential
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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

Community Manager

Hey all, thanks for the constructive feedback. I will pass it on to the studio team. 

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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

★★★★ Novice

hey is there any chance of FIFA getting an UEFA licence?

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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

★★★★★ Newbie
Maybe you could pass this on or something- for career mode add an edit stadium option during career mode as I’m tired of getting to the premier league with lower league teams with small stadiums. Also they should update the badges every season and add team, shirt and stadium sponsors. Another thing I would like is to add lower league stadiums. Thanks
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Re: Fifa 19 Suggestions

★★★★ Novice
is there a possibility of an pes style cpuvcpu "coach mode" for fans with disabilities for both career modes
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