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Re: Fifa 18 transition play

by milamber182

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Fifa 18 transition play

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Getting really annoyed that when I'm defending and trying to tackle the striker I'll win the ball but then my defender will kick the ball up the field because I had been pressing the tackle button which is the same as the shoot button the is always a decent time delay between me pressing the tackle button and my playing winning the ball also, it's not like I've won the ball and pressed (X) by accident it more like I've press (X) to tackle a thew times I get the ball and before I can do anything it automatically kick the ball away.
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Re: Fifa 18 transition play

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Sometimes the game reads contextual siuations wrong. Another example is when you are stretching for a loose ball a few feet away and press X to Lob it first time but it makes your player attempt a slide tackle instead.

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