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Re: Fifa 18 Pay to Win?

by gogantibi

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Fifa 18 Pay to Win?

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 As an example. I have a squad of 300-400k and I played WL without missing a single week. In the opponent with donate squad, even 1 player can cost more than all my team in 5 times!


 But that's not the point. In this series, the fifa is noticeable, as in no other. That the more expensive / better the player, the more often he makes a successful selection, passes or scores. I often have matches where I score just two balls out of 10 hits on target. At the same time, my rival with some Henri or Bail beats from the corner without even going into the penalty area and the ball does not fall into the defenders either in the hands of my goalkeeper and just flies in my gate. And this is not a twisted shoot, its a simple straight.


 Okay sometimes, and such you can defeat the players, here recently with a score of 3-2 won this. Only I hit 20 times on goal, and he 3 and both goals scored from outside the penalty area.


 But there are all kinds of streamers, bloggers, pro players. Which is not enough that the skills exceed me in the usual player. So they have also donate squad and then the game in general turns into idiocy.


 ADDING THE LEGEND IS THE WORST THAT EA MAY MAKE! They are only available to donators as a rule, while they are suitable for mixed compounds, where you can take the best players from all leagues. THIS IS NOT A FAIR PLAY.


 Sorry for my english.

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Re: Fifa 18 Pay to Win?

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For years EA is basicly on pay for win system. No matter youre better, who paid more than you, it will win. Wecome in the most corrupted gaming company in the world. 

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Re: Fifa 18 Pay to Win?

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i suppose it is a game heavily centered in european values. they dont mind telling people to go * themselves directly to their faces.
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Re: Fifa 18 Pay to Win?

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Playing agains:
Ronaldo 99
Messi 98
Henry 93
Pogba 88
Vieira 92
Vrsaljko 84
Ferdinand 90
Blanc 89
Roberto Carlos 91
De Gea 97

Its a shame that FIFA is only thinking about their profits. WL isnt about being a champion, its about having the most insane team that cant be beaten... Time to play PES :D
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