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Feedback - Fifa

by brookzy2008

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Feedback - Fifa

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This is the first time I've logged onto a game related site to provide feedback, this isn't even for good reason either. 


I feel how a lot of people feel these days with fifa and that's frustrated, to support a franchise for so long and to be given very little change every year has worn me down to the point that I've had to voice my opinion. 


This year has probably been the final straw and the reason why is that I feel that hardly anything has changed in the game, EA over-hyped the champions league so much they have nothing else to offer us, don't get me long I've waited so long for Fifa to have the champions league and I was stoked when they announced it, however there doesn't seem to be any other changes. Career mode has hardly been touched (again) and let's be honest they have the tools to make this amazing but I feel they're to lazy to do anything with it, this also applies for pro clubs and be a player.  Can you imagine how amazing all three of these modes have the potential to be, look at the old Fifa manager game, why hasn't that kind of structure been put into career mode. Imagine be a pro if it was actually worked on. 


All the reasons above is the reason why I'm not gonna buy this years game, I have played the demo and the gameplay is good but this doesn't justify the lack of work that's been put into this game. Don't bother telling me "work" has been put into the journey this year either, This mode was complete when it was first introduced in Fifa 17, you just split this to keep consumers (and I used this lightly) interested, the fact Ronaldo is still playing got real madrid in the journey provides my point.  You had plenty of time to make other substantial changes rather than the old "copy & paste" you do.


EA I hope you read this because I can't find any other way to voice my opinion, I don't feel I need to tell you what changes you could make in all the modes above because if you don't know then you might as well hand the game over to another developer that actually care for their fans. You're company based on greed and not focused on improvement, heck other than the champions league only the ultimate team mode has been touched (No surprise with micro transactions) 


I will finish this rant/feedback and hopefully someone with a bit more influence will take not just my feedback seriously but every customer that buys this game, because it's slowly going down hill. 

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Re: Feedback - Fifa

Community Manager
Thanks for the feedback, I will pass it on to the team.
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Re: Feedback - Fifa

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I totally agree with you bro. I posted several things here on the community and now they are "responding" their customers. But I'm not surprised that they didn't gave their thoughts about what you wrote, he just said that it's going to be passed to the team, and we all know that's not gonna happen (unfortunately). However, it is good that people are opening their eyes and seeing how much EA has destroyed their franchise just doing this copy/paste, this is ridiculuous. EA and KONAMI just changed their way of producing games. On the past, KONAMI was not changing anything from PES, the game was very arcade, and they only tried to change on PES 2014. But FIFA was changing several things, making the game much more realistic and fun then PES. Now FIFA is an arcade and robotic game, and PES is a simulation game. If you look to PES gameplay, you'll see how much improvements they brought to player movements, passing, finishing, the game is awesome. But I think I won't buy none this year. Too sad how game companies turn to be very mercenaries, you pay much money for a game then you have to pay more to get more things.

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Re: Feedback - Fifa

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I agree completely. 


It's a shame the feedback will not reach anyone important and will probably be brushed under the carpet. 


But if you look at other EA  (such as NBA) they actually seem to improve stuff and focus on career. It's just a real shame, fifa will slow die if it's not changed dramatically 

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Re: Feedback - Fifa

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Talking About NBA, they only improved the game because of 2K. 2K sells every year much more NBA games then EA. And since that you mentioned this, I'm kind of happy because this makes EA work (something that they don't do while producing FIFA). And that's the reason I love 2K haha. I wrote an email to 2K about considering producing a soccer game, because I'm tired of EA and KONAMI, and I guess some people too, if they made a soccer game, I think these people would give a try, because it's a new soccer game from a big company, and that would be great because it would really make people at EA work hardly on FIFA, do you think they work hard knowing that they will sell much more then Konami ? totally not. And, you won't belive it if I told you, they answered me, and in portuguese (I live in Brazil), they told me that saw that I was writing from Brazil, so It would be better to write on portuguese, and that it is a great idea, and it's going to pass to the developers to see what they think about it, and then he finished saying that it's not a promise to make my dream a reality, but they'll think about it. Now, try writing an email to EA and wait for their answer hahaha. Customer support of EA doesn't exist. If you read reviews on website "trustpilot" you'll see how much hate one company can have, and they "don't" know the reason, poor EA. A lot of people don't remember, but this was a promise since FIFA 15: Dynamic Weather. You're playing on the afternoon, and then in the middle of the game starts raining or snowing, and because it's afternoon, it's getting darker and the lights turn on, imagine this ? I was so hyped when I saw this. And now, where is it ? like I said, if I worked at EA I would be very ashamed for selling the same product every year, foolishing people and making spending more money on UT, and forgetting PRO CLUBS. It's very sad to see a franchise that I play since 95 going like a * to the sewers. It's life

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