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Feedback Demo

by Punta_d_oro

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Feedback Demo

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There are some clients that we like to play in career mode or just play vs IA.


I've been trying for years to expose you as it should be the performance of a goalkeeper in hand to hand to make it as real as possible. It is something that EA has not achieved and this year the reain the same.


To show you what i want to say...enclosing a video


Your goalkeeper stays in the small area and does not leave there. ITS NO REAL...!! HIS BEHAVIOR IN HAND TO HAND  SITUATIONS IS A DISASTER..!!


thanks for read...

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Re: Feedback Demo

Community Manager
Thanks for the post but I am unsure as what the video has to do with FIFA 19.
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Re: Feedback Demo

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Of course. The video is a demostración of how the goalkeeper behaves in reality.


The behavior of the goalkeeper in Fifa in these situations against the striker (versus IA) is completely different from reality.


This is happening for many years. 


I think it's something that could be improved easily and it would look a lot more fun for FIFA. Driblings, vaseline, are difficult situations currently.


thanks for read....

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Re: Feedback Demo

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it is possible to correct this for FIFA 19 in next updates??

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