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Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?

by EA_Joker

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Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?

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Community Manager (retired)

Welcome to the forums for "Fe" - releasing on February 16 on Origin, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, you can pre-order now on Origin for PC!



This post will be updated as more information becomes available - so stay tuned and enjoy the Gamescom trailer.



Become Fe and discover a world that you will never want to leave.


Climb, glide, and dig your way through a dark Nordic forest to explore its living, breathing ecosystem – one filled with secrets, side quests, and mystical creatures.







Master a diverse array of cries to befriend every animal or plant and have them help you on your journey. Each having uniquely distinct attributes, abilities and behaviors that will help you to unlock and traverse new areas of the forest.






Embarking on your voyage, you’ll find everything is connected, and nothing is what it first seems. Secret places, hidden artifacts, old ruins, shortcuts, and powers makes exploring endlessly fun.






Unravel the secrets of the menacing Silent Ones on your journey through the forest, aiding fantastical creatures in handcrafted short stories while learning the secret of Fe’s origin.






Effortlessly traverse the entire forest. Gracefully glide from tree to tree. Use stealth and agility to evade danger, observe nature, and hide in the shadows. Ascend the treetops to plan your next move.







While the forest is an astounding place, the Silent Ones are threatening this magical world's harmony. To make it a home again, you must stop them.







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Re: Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?

Hero (Retired)

Looks great, something very unique!

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Re: Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?

★ Guide

If I buy the game, can I get a refund on my social life? Something tells me I'm going to spend too many hours on this game Large smile

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Re: Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?

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Community Manager (retired)

I'm just watching the new gameplay trailer on the PSX live stream as I write this - I am currently looking for someone to clone me. If I should find someone, I'll totally let you know. Likewise if you know where to get a refund on social life, please post it in this thread!

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Re: Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?

Hero (Retired)

@EA_Joker If you have any luck with your endeavours to clone yourself, please let me know your secrets!


I need it for this game

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Re: Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?

Community Manager (retired)

Nintendo Direct is here and we’re celebrating with a huge announcement!


Run, climb, and glide your way through a living, breathing ecosystem as Fe arrives February 16, 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Origin.


Fe is a new type of platform adventure where the story is up to you to discover as you play. At the heart of the game is a tactile song mechanic that allows you to communicate with each living thing in the dark Nordic forest you inhabit. Have birds guide you, bears fight for you, or even have plants grow berries to help you overcome the Silent Ones.

Switch players will find their experience elevated by the unique features of the Switch hardware. Use the motion controls for the Joy-Con controllers to sing in tune with the creatures of the forest. Feel the distinct sounds and vibrations of each song with HD rumble.


Enter the forest of Fe on February 16 and uncover a world filled with secrets, legends, and mystical creatures.



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Re: Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?


@EA_Joker - are there any pre-order specials or bonuses available with this game? 

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Re: Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?

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Community Manager

@BlackjackWidow No, in this case it's just the game, there aren't any pre-order extras or bonuses. 


I'm not sure if it's still open but I did see that they had a very cool looking custom Switch to be won. If you use Twitter you can check it out here:

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Re: Fe - Can you hear the forest speak?


Thanks, @EA_David! I entered, although it's a long shot, would love to win that Switch! Had to find an online quiz to figure out my spirit animal lol. Mine's a dolphin! I wonder if there are any dolphins hiding in Fe Standard smile

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