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Face of franchise update 21

by Blacparker89

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Face of franchise update 21

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One thing I noticed in face of franchise is that the player overall according to age and injury don’t seem to go down or fluctuate at all.  Taking into account injury frequency and the age could determine if a player will go back to form or end up on the back half of their career.  I believe this would be the most realistic experience for players.  If the player has a bad year ratings should drop and vice versa.  Scenarios like a proof it year or maybe an Aaron Rodgers frustrated scenario with the Jordan love situation.   

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Face of franchise 21 suggestion

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Hello.  I strongly think contract negotiations should be added at a more detailed level.  Contract hold outs affecting team moral or maybe the my player upset about an offer and requesting a trade during season should be added.  A scenario generated like the Brady situation with the patriots or the dak situation that is current.  Just wanted to throw some ideas out their thank you.

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Re: Face of franchise update 21

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@Blacparker89 Thank you for the submission! So you'd want off-the-field incidents to play a part in their franchise ratings? If this was the case, do you want to be notified whether you want the player to engage in something to weight out pros and cons?

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