FIFA Banned from online play - Coin Distribution

by mhsyazani

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FIFA Banned from online play - Coin Distribution

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I got a notice that said:

We noticed that your FIFA Account has been involved with Coin distribution, which breaks our rules.


I've created a ticket to EA but it doesn't get me anywhere:

We have confirmed that your account was actioned correctly, so we will not remove this sanction from your account.


They couldn't have been more WRONG, because:

1. I only ever play CAREER MODE and NEVER EVER have I played online, nor I have ANY interest too. (If EA have vision to whatever coin transaction is, surely you have vision to which mode a specific user frequently play.)

2. I don't even know what the hell is Coins(?) is this the same thing we use when we're buying things from the Catalogue? (e.g. Scout Future Star, Financial Takeover etc. etc.). WHO WOULD I EVEN DISTRIBUTE THESE POINTS TO?

3. They don't explain anything, nor any proof provided. IF you found something suspicious worthy of banning me, show me the proof that I've made these transactions (Maybe someone else got access to my account, and uses it to cheat. I deserve to know this, as this impact my account security too AND I PAID FOR THESE SERVICES)


Can someone connect me to a more useful link/person than the EA help contact. I found their vague approach very annoying and unhelpful.

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Re: FIFA Banned from online play - Coin Distribution


Hey @mhsyazani 


If the Terms of Service team has upheld the sanction then theirs nothing else that can be done. 


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Re: FIFA Banned from online play - Coin Distribution

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Hi @mhsyazani


I'm afraid there isn't another team that can assist you with this. Bans are handled by the Terms of Service team.


Based off of the two lines you've quoted, the Terms of Service team have confirmed that they've carried out an investigation, found the source of the ban and confirmed the bans been correctly placed on your account due to Coin Distribution. 


If you're unsure what coin distribution might be, in this thread "Know the rules in EA SPORTS FIFA" there's a portion that expands on it. Here's an excerpt from 'The Rules': 

EAHelp wrote:


"1. Don't distribute Coins

We all want to help a friend out, but sending them FUT Coins isn’t the way to do it. Sending FUT Coins to your friends is a form of Coin distribution and it breaks our rules.


It breaks our rules if you use the FUT Transfer Market to transfer Coins to another player instead of to get a FUT item legitimately. This could mean that you complete or assist in the purchase of a FUT item for the purpose of transferring Coins from one account to another, rather than getting an item to add to your Club to play with at coin prices which accurately reflect a player items’ current popularity...

...Giveaways are another form of coin distribution. For example, a player or site offers you FUT Coins in exchange for subscribing. Don’t do it! It’s against our rules.

Having multiple accounts and funneling FUT Coins and Items to your main account breaks our rules, too."

To read the full passage, please head to the article I linked above. For more information and to review our complete rules, see Section 6 of the EA User Agreement. You can also review the complete User Agreement at


If after reading up on coin distribution you still feel the ban or suspension on your EA Account was mistakenly placed, let the Terms of Service team know by filling out the webform once more and including any additional information you feel will help shed light on it and assist with the investigation. I'v found this article is also a good resource for understanding more how EA bans and suspensions work


- EA_Lanna


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Re: FIFA Banned from online play - Coin Distribution

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Hey @EA_Lanna,

Thanks for the explanation & links, but still this does not make any sense, as I don't buy/sell coins, I don't even play FUT.

But I understand your hands are tied here, I'll just take my complain someplace else.

Thank You.

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