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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

by FCF97

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FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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Hi all. I’ve also posted this inside the FIFA 20 Pre-launch Discussion on the FIFA Forums. I hope we will see some changes to the Player Career mode next year, it’s very disappointing that there aren’t any in FIFA 20. 




As mainly a Player Career mode player, I was excited for today’s Career Mode news. Everything that was revealed in the Pitch Notes for Manager Mode were some nice, big changes for the mode and I’m honestly happy for everyone who mostly plays manager mode. However, I was really disappointed to read absolutely nothing about player career. After reading it, I wondered why they didn’t just title it Manager Career Mode News. I understand that some of these changes can be applied to Player Career, but they’re usually the small changes (less congested schedules, improvement to A.I. starting 11’s in important matches, etc.). Here I just wanted to just share my ideas for the mode that I’ve had for a while, if it is even still in EA’s future plans at this point. (Disclaimer: this isn’t me trying to hate on Manager Mode, I honestly really like what they did this year. I’m just in awe at the fact that Player Career was completely ignored.) Feel free to add your thoughts and ideas for the future in the replies.


1.) We should be able to change our birth year. This would allow players to create their own stories and choose to start a career as young as 16/17 years old if they want, which is what typically happens in real life, or do something like Usain Bolt did and start a career at 30.


2.) Be able to be the CM position. It honestly makes no sense how we can't choose this position or opt to be an LCM or RCM. I bet there are hundreds out there who wanna be like Frenkie de Jong, Iniesta, or any players like them and be orchestrators in the midfield.


3.) SECONDARY POSITIONS. a. We should be able to pick up to three more positions we also like to play. That way, we aren't taking star players' spots on the pitch and can be versatile players if we choose. b. The manager messages us in our inbox and asks us if we'd train at a different position to get more playing time or just be a versatile piece to his/her team.


4.) THE ABILITY TO COME ON AS A SUB AND GET TAKEN OFF WHEN STARTING. The fact that we start all the time no matter where we go is crazy. Some players are super-subs, why can't we have that impact if we want? This would prevent us from starting over top players and just have some variety in game time depending on our form, age, etc.


5.) The ability to negotiate our contract and wages just like players can in manager mode. This way we can actually have a legit contract and leave via free transfer if we stay the length of our contract with one team and want out.
- As well as having release clauses if we choose.


6.) Be able to receive multiple transfer offers at once, and even targeting a team we want to go to.



If there’s any questions I would ask, it’s these: Why didn’t they specifically state in the pitch notes Wednesday that it was MANAGER mode news? What was the SPECIFIC reason why Player Career didn’t receive any changes? 

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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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Some fantastic ideas here. Really hope these get added for a future Fifa. 

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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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@VaughnArtist09 Thanks for the feedback, I'll see that it gets to the right teams.
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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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Oh but the feedback won't be passed as these are some things people wanted to see in this year fifa in first place. 



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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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@Doyski90 I’ve noticed that as well, but who knows what they’re doing? That’s why I decided to do this now, and not wait until it was possibly too late. We have to remember that they have ideas too, and who knows what they have planned for FIFA 21 with the next gen consoles. I really hope it gets to them, because I don’t know how you just ignore a game mode. And I think EA did some of what the fans wanted this year, and I think this is he first time that has happened. So we should be optimistic going forward.
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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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Good ideas four five and six but I don't understand one is already there I'm sure this fifa you can start at 15 years old . Plus you should add when playing for a big team like man city they seem to don't buy anybody plus sell best players this isn't the only fifa this has happened wish they would make changes love player mode and being the manager 

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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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@EA_Cade This guys idea's need to be added to 21 as the player career is so stale and it's the only mode i play and would be awesome if it got that kind of attention from EA.
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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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All i’ve ever wanted was a lock on international kit numbers.. It should only be 1-23 and make a news article about the player receiving the starting number being a great honor. it pains me to see numbers above 23 and really grind my gears xD 

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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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@VaughnArtist09And tattoos for your player, they could just take the tattoos from ufc 3 and add them 

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Re: FIFA 21+ PLAYER Career Mode

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That would be cool. I am not a pro player myself, I only play the standard career mode with the manager. But, I see your ideas as pretty good. If anything, I would like them to remove the "this is what we expect from you this week (or year)". That is what kills that mode for me.

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