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FIFA 20 or next

by Metebaris4

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FIFA 20 or next

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In the FIFA 20 or the next years, it’s can be old teams. For example 99 season Barca or 08-09 season Manchester Utd.
not bad idea
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Re: FIFA 20 or next

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Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with the community @Metebaris4.


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Re: FIFA 20 or next

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   My name its Tripa Raimond,29 years and I pay fifa from fifa 2003 Standard smile

My every day job its a on a office at a transport company ,in one word dispatch.


   I have maybe a stupid maybe the best gamer idea for fifa 2020,that its your decision.

i think from a player side, to buy fifa also next year muss be something new, something that no one game has until now. And the secret its to MAKE MONEY.sonds a shitt in the first side how a corporation like EA games to give money to players,but mathematic its very easy. It muss be every week a mode in FUT online who can enter the tournament with 100k(for example) to enter in.There muss be a pyramid mode and the 1,2,3rd place will be price with real money. The player has account on xbox or playstation and all players muss have add his credit card.That is one of this golden rules. How a player react on such a play? Im a player from many years and spend money on fifa,why?because its a pleasure to be the best and to have a Strong 11en.So every player when can see that he can win money will spend money from himself to make his 11 players to be the best.With this mode will came also another people who never pay fifa again,because every player who win the tournament I speak about REAL money no matter the amount 500euro for example will spend about minim 50% back to fifa,its like a "casino virus"(what you win,will spend again there).In second part of all we know all the huge tournaments what have every year place with lot of money price, all the small players want to take part of them, and with this new mode tournament ,every player have the chance to make and give the best of it.

   So the 3rd factor who I guarantee it will be bestseller its the 21 century mass media where we live,i open my facebook 2 times on a day for example and I see posts only with fifa19 players and tactic, so again the people when their see their can make money "real cash" only with playing will be like a revolution.

So what I wand to say its very easy ,hope someone from EA games will read my post.

In the terms and condition about this new game more muss be write that you muss play responsible ,no one from us want to LOSE money ,all we want to WIN Standard smile


   Im sorry of someone not agree with my post and wish him to ignore it.


Best regards

Raimond Tripa


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