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Re: FIFA 20 Season 10

by RandyMoxley

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FIFA 20 Season 10

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I just finished all the 150 games from the objectives and I am 1 xp point away from reaching the final pack with no more objectives. Will there be more objectives in the future or is it a mistake giving that you can almost complete it with these?

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Hey all,

This is currently under investigation by the FIFA team, testing a fix at the moment.


Accepting as solution for visibility purposes. 


This is now resolved, you should see an extra objective in game now to allow you to complete the season.  


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Re: FIFA 20 Season 10

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I had the same issue that I tried posting yesterday, apparently it did not get through. But this is very annoying, even though I saw it coming after completing one of three batches. Hopefully they fix this soon! Even adding 1xp for using a consumable item or something would work.

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Re: FIFA 20 Season 10

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Fifa 20 season 10

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I just finished the 150 games of season 10 on fifa 20 fut, but I can’t get the ultimate pack because these is a 1 xp missing , anyone knows how to get that last xp?  Or is these any official response from EA ? 
thank you 

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Re: FIFA 20 Season 10

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Please can you respond to this thread. I am having the same problem and after playing 150 games to earn this reward it is so frustrating to see that I am just 1XP short of the level 30 reward. It’s almost like this has been done on purpose to troll players for still playing the old game instead of buying FIFA 21.

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Re: FIFA 20 Season 10

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looks like a joke..  if really don't have another mission that gives 1XP. I stop play..

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How is EA gonna compensate for FIFA 20 mega glitch of 1XP point needed to unlock lvl 30, how are they gonna fix the glitch?

C'mon EA, don't be so mean to us, we devoted our time on your game and now you troll us like this? Unfair man, fix it soon.

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Re: FIFA 20 Season 10

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EA.. I don't know how to put this in words but just fix this damn thing. Going for the new things(FIFA 21)doesn't mean you can leave the problems in fifa 20 just like that. 

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Fifa 20 ultimate team season 10 can't be completed

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Hi can anyone help please can't complete fifa 20 ultimate team season 10 

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Re: FIFA 20 Season 10

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