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Re: FIFA 19 on PS4

by sahavas

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FIFA 19 on PS4

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So let me get this straight, on The FIFA 19 companion app Leaderboards I see players already have match earnings, but how? I pre-ordered the ultimate edition game and can’t play it until the 25th. Nice to know there is a special group of people that already 300k worth of coins. That’s like 600 games. 

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Re: FIFA 19 on PS4

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Yeah, kinda feel the same way. Wtf? 

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Re: FIFA 19 on PS4

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Ea said no no no nobody can access to fut mode they are launched on another platform, all the peoples in world knew but EA pretending to dont know this.


EA must have professional more than this.

Its unfair and why we preorder but play a game later seem like we got a business class ticket but EA allowed economy class to get onboard before us.


If EA have a sincerly enough  must restart everything before real day access....or get a ban to id who login before 


But surely 100% EA dont do anything to fix this problem.

#FixEA # fix ea marketing

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