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FIFA 19 Career mode League Standings PROBLEM

by Jovanmen123

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FIFA 19 Career mode League Standings PROBLEM

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I have a funny problem in FIFA 19 career mode, but I think everybody is facing with that.


So, every league has GREEN MARKS on Standing league tables, without info's, where does this clubs goes, in Europa league or Champions league...

Personally, me, I have to go on Google and check League formats, "How many teams goes in CL" ... ...


My question is:


-What about Belgian pro league? There is even bigger problem. First Playoff round is not correct, in real life 5 clubs have an chance for European competitions, in FIFA 19 only 4.

I have placed photo of PLAYOFF round standing and you can find what is strange.

So can you describe me for Belgian Pro league? What is format of league in FIFA 19 career mode.




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