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FIFA 19 Career Mode big disappointment and need changes

by jj1city

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FIFA 19 Career Mode big disappointment and need changes

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I played the FIFA 19 EA access of 10 hour trial and tried the career mode it's the exact same thing from FIFA 18. Literally only difference is UEFA Champions League and Europa League which is a really big disappointment. I was expecting a huge change and improvement for Career mode to find out it's a replica of FIFA 18 really frustrating because that's the only game mode I play on FIFA especially I don't play Ultimate team at all. Even the loaning problem hasn't been fixed and is still an issue. If you try to approach a player on loan that has been approached on loan by other teams it will tell you that player isn't available for loan then he gets loaned to other teams. This needs to change as soon as possible as the game is coming out in couple days with early access September 25. Please EA do us a huge favor and make huge improvement on Career Mode. We need way more features that can make it really fun and not boring. Hopefully EA can do it before the actual release of the game.

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