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by jjjcccppp

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all good suggestions above. One thing that is very unrealistic and annoying in Player career mode is the starting eleven of the players of your team. There are much better players always left out of the squad totally and instead some low rated players get selected throughout the season. That should be fixed.


Player career mode contract negotiations is a must to have. Now you can only change team by requesting to go out for a loan or request for transfer. More interactions would be nice to player career mode...something like in 'The Journey', also being subbed if you do not perform well or starting from the bench.

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Bayern Munich players need their faces scanned or custom! Süle, Rafinha, Rudy, Ulreich and Wagner! 


Lewandowski, Martinez and Thiago need updating! 

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Transfers and loans need to become more realistic. 


We should be able to check the stats of the best players/teams of the previous season.


Would love to see more player awards at the end of a year! 

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What I want to see is the AI get more realistic. I end up winning the league on 80 points or there abouts. Purposely playing the game on a harder difficulty so I don’t win every game yet I win the league. On Golf games you can set up how hard the AI will play. Not just how hard it is to play vs you. Think there needs to be something like this 

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Im Currently playing fifa 19 beta so would just like to add before you release fifa 19 can you please make sure that youth scouted players names are used in commentary during career mode games. Its a real bug bare of mine sort it out EA. 

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Issues with manager career mode + new ideas

1) Give older players a purpose in the mode (30+ years). Older players decline in stats so rapidly a long with their market value. There is no incentive to buy old players other than the fact that they are cheap sometimes (some of them sit on ridiculous wages and are too hard to buy). Not all old players decline e.g Glen Murray, Jamie Vardy, Valencia ETC.You could literally play a season with teens that have high potential, train the hell out of them, get them to decent overalls and win trophies, when in reality "You can't win anything with kids!". This is not realistic as older players bring experience and leadership to the game and you need a mixture of both experience and youth.

-older players have a lot of increases in mental attributes during the season e.g in attacking position and composure and some increases in technical attributes if they are on form.
-have them mentor/buddy the younger players in order to further boost their stats (young players will grow faster if they play alongside older players)
-older players tend to be more disciplined with tactical instructions and smarter at positioning so have that expressed in game. When I give instructions have the older players always obey them and younger players sometimes fail to obey them. Also the have the older players be better at controlling their energy levels throughout the game so they don't lose their stamina quickly.

2) Not enough players on transfer list and the ones that are on are trash. In reality there are clubs wanting to sell top quality players almost every transfer market. Every team should have at least 1 decent player that they are willing to sell for certain reasons realistically speaking. Also there are not enough free transfers (and no I'm not talking about contract expires). In reality every transfer market you see hundreds of free transfers and some of them are decent players with 80+ overalls but are just unwanted. Please add more players to the transfer list as well as more free transfers. Also why can I not loan players that are above the age of 23, for some reason clubs never let me loan players that are 'too old' as I always get rejected even though they never play them. Please fix this. Also with regards to loaning please bring back the option to buy players at the end of their loan spell. On the topic of transfers please bring back player inquiries as well as the request additional funds. 

3) Simulating games is boring. Why can you not influence the game while still simulating it. The whole point of manager mode is to be a manager and so you should not really be able to control the players. Make simming more innovative like FUT. I want to be able to actually make tactical decisions and subs while simming.

More Improvements:
-more stats in the menu's such as: home and away records, player tackles/interceptions (not just goals/assissts/clean sheets), goals from set pieces etc
-bring back zonal/man marking like that of fifa 13 - especially useful for set pieces as the game automatically does this and sometimes I find my 5 foot players marking 6 foot center backs in corners.
- let other clubs offer their own players in exchange for mine. For example, if a team wants to buy Ronaldo from me then they have the option of giving me Messi in exchange instead of me always asking for exchanges.
- Make each team unique in playing style so we may have to change tactics in order to beat them. Perhaps make the assistant manager pull up a tactical profile of my next opponent which includes play style and players to watch so I can prepare for games differently. Also add tikki takka, park the bus, 3-4-3 tactical systems in the tactics tab alongside the others (possession, counter attack etc). This is a must otherwise every game feels the same!
-kit customization-so for next season I can design new kits instead of playing with the same on year in year out. Also include sponsorship deals like those of Fifa 09 and have them appear on jerseys (THIS IS A MUST). Have the sponsorship deals affect transfer + wage budget, objectives. Makes each deal unique but not one better than the other like that of Fifa 09
-Stadium customization!

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I agree... it’s annoying to see older players like Ronaldo, Robben, Ribery and co decrease in pace and stats drastically! This should stop! If older players are playing well, they should still be able to get better or stay the same! Ronaldo is 33 yet he is still one of the best in the world, yet on FIFA career mode his stats, attributes wouldn’t reflect real life after a season or two. Change this EA. It’s annoying EVERY FIFA CAREER MODE PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!


Player growth/decrease should be based on form and how often a player plays! Not by a programming code that makes a player decrease in value and rating after 30+. It’s stupid EA, lazy, and outdated. Primitive. Poor. Change it! 


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Also in career mode, when you just start your first season with a moderate team and moderate results, you should not to get offers in beginig weeks from Real Madrid which is holding first place in La Liga at the same time! It's funny!!!

It should takes a while and after good results, Real Madrid should come to you.



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Why cant i sell players on fifa 19.
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I agree wholeheartedly with some of the suggestions and would like to add a couple.

 1) we should be able to improve our facilities. I mean I used MK Dons brought them from League 2 and won UCL and Premier in 5 §years, amassing over $1B in transfer budget. I should be able to use that cash to build a larger nicer stadium to reflect my clubs status as European And Premier Champions.


2) Should be able to upgrade coaching staff in youth academy. Better coaches, better results with academy graduates.


3) Should be able to decide whether or not I’m open to coaching National Teams. It’s very annoying to keep receiving requests to coach national teams that I continually decline. I should only get requests f I decide that I would like to coach a national team as well.


4) Should be able to develop feeder clubs where I can send young players on loan if no suitable loan offers come in for my prospects.

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