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by jjjcccppp

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FIFA 19 Career Mode Suggestions. - Here are a few things that I think would take career mode to the next level, I will probably think of more so a part 2 may follow.


  • Certain goal moments in career mode need improving, for example the crowd should go mental for a last minute equaliser or winner, this is the same for the commentators.
  • The difficulty should also be changed for career mode, in my opinion no matter what, it is to easy, the Legendary difficulty should match the career mode one, not different, I also think that Ultimate difficulty should be added to career mode.
  • I think that fake goalkeeper kits should be eradicated, I get it with the none licensed teams, such as Palermo, but with teams that are licensed I feel it's time to make the goalkeeper kits authentic.
  • This is possibly a long shot, but a feature such as being able to change the teams kit you are using slightly when starting a new season would be really cool.
  • Add a couple of different none authentic stadiums to the game, for example there isn't enough variation for lower end teams that represent their real stadium e.g. Morecambe, Newport.
  • Downgrading someone just because of their age is also something that needs to stop, possibly a players rating should be reflected by their form, rather than age, I get if a player is old and performing bad then maybe their downgrade should be harsher than a younger player, but if he's old and playing well, there should be no need to decrease his stats, this is also the same for potential, if a particular player is playing really well despite not having a lot or no potential, they should still be upgraded based on form, just like they would in real life, and downgraded when needed. Potential should still be a thing though, so a certain player can increase faster without standout performances. 
  • Better stadium ambience, for example there should be lots of tension around the stadium heard by the fans if it is a big or close game, this should be especially apparent in the closing stages of the game. If the team is playing bad, the crowd should react more passionately than they all ready to towards that, likewise if they are playing well. 
  • Crowd attendance should also be more reflective of the size of the club, as well as the form of the club. So for example if a team is on a 10 game loss streak, the attendance should be lower than average, and of course if the team has won their last 10, the crowd should be full. The significance of a game should also reflect the crowd attendance. Of course a big team should always have high attendance, but insignificant games should also contribute towards this, for example Man Utd vs Bournemouth on the final day of the 15-16 season had low attendance because of the insignificance, but of course Old Trafford is usually at full attendance almost all the time.

I hope this is seen by a few people, maybe someone who can pass some information on etc. I love Fifa and want it to get better and better, these things are just some of the main things that I have picked up on from playing a fair bit of Career Mode this year.

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EA Origin Team

Hey @jjjcccppp

Love some of the ideas here Standard smile Some would not be possible, as you've called out yourself, due to licensing. Others could theoretically be, either way I'll pass the feedback along to the team for you.

Thanks for taking the time to write this well thought out feedback!


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EA Origin Team

Hey @jjjcccppp

Love some of the ideas here Standard smile Some would not be possible, as you've called out yourself, due to licensing. Others could theoretically be, either way I'll pass the feedback along to the team for you.

Thanks for taking the time to write this well thought out feedback!


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Cheers man!
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In career mode, be able to schedule the training, in advance, of young players, so as not to always reproduce or establish new progression programs. They would be realized automatically, and without having to reposition themselves on the progression box, so as not to forget to perform them after a game played. It would only remain optional.

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You can do this already you can save sessions and load them up later. You press triangle or Y. It's not scheduling so to speak but it makes it faster.
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hello @EA_Aidan


I know there are some overlaps in ideas here but can you please pass on my career mode feedback/suggestions to the team.


Let’s start with the manager career mode:

The transfer market for me is too unrealistic, it seems way too easy to go out and buy whatever player you want, it needs to be harder to buy players especially those who are very valuable to their club. There is also no real competition for players for example, there is rarely more than 2 clubs fighting for a player and when there is another club bidding for the same player as you, one bid a little higher than theirs and you’ve the player, they don’t seem to bother bidding again. This lack of competition is also seen in clubs bidding for my players, you see in real life 2-4 different clubs all trying to get a single player. I also feel that players are too happy at the club in other words if there is a top club with world-class players who aren’t winning any trophies or qualifying for Champions league then they should want to leave for a club that is winning.


The other main problem for me is the incline and decline rates of players’ stats. It seems that once a player hits the 30 area their stats rapidly decrease, especially their speed, stamina and agility. This is unrealistic as it wouldn’t drop like that when they reach that age, it should however slowly decrease over a couple of years. However, players who are younger have their stats increase far too quickly, through training and just playing a game here and there their stats and rating increase way too much. There stats should also respond to their form throughout the season a good one increasing them and a bad would decrease them.


I’m quite surprised that there isn’t the ability to change your kits, buy new sponsors and upgrade the stadium at the end of a season. Although this is a small feature I think the game is really missing it and to be able to change your sponsors and the kit designs/colours would be fun and realistic. Upgrading the stadium would be good as well, this would also have an effect on the profit – more ticket sales from a bigger stadium.


There doesn’t seem to be the chance, as a manager, to discuss your contract. It would be good to see at the start me as the manager, discussing wages, length of club contract and club objectives with the board. And this should be done similar to how players discuss their contract with the manager.

A useful feature to include would be to give more information on players’ performance in their league. Although it mentions their form it would be nice to know how many goals they’ve scored, assists, cards or clean sheets. I say this because when I come to buying players I would like to know how well they are actually performing and whether they live up to their stats.


Press conferences seem like a bit basic and a waste of time at the moment, apart from a news story it doesn’t really seem to have any affect. If I praise a plyer or motivate them then surely this would affect their morale or confidence in a game. Maybe if they were more interactive and had outcomes I would use them more for example, if they were live with cut scenes and the speech worked like that in the Journey as that is very enjoyable.


Finally, I think the game is too easy to perform well in, it seems that no matter how poorly I perform as a manager I cannot get fired! This has meant that the game has no constant challenge that as a manger I am constantly thinking about. Regardless of the transfers I make, amount of games I lose or lack of objectives I complete the board just don’t care and wont fire me. I think it should be easier to get fired anytime during the season for example, a run of loses or poor team selections for important games.


Now time to analyse the player career mode:

Some features that were mentioned above are also applicable for this mode as well. These include performance, it is too easy to please the manager and stay on the starting 11. Also, player incline/decline rates are just as wild as they are in manager mode.


It would be great to see more in the player career mode it terms of things to do and interactivity. One thing which would boost the game would be to include the whole speech feature that you see in the journey. Where after or before games I might meet with the press and answer questions or have a chat with the manager and the answers given will have outcomes on friendships and fans etc.


You see in the manger career mode the players constantly contacting the manager via email asking for more or less playtime, to express your happiness or anger with him and to request a transfer. This isn’t possible in player mode and it is a disappointment, I would love to see the level of interactivity being brought to this level in the player mode.

It would be really good to see the contract negotiation feature, from the manger mode, being brought into the player mode. This would allow me to agree terms with a new club or an extension on my current contract. Failing to agree terms with a new club would result in not joining them and failing to negotiate with your club would make you a free agent.


The final feature that should be added to this mode is the ability to show an interest in a transfer to a certain club. This would perhaps lead to a transfer offer from that club if they are interested. This sort of links with the morale of the player and it would be good to allow the morale to be set to a degree of happiness and this could be an indicator to other clubs whether you’re willing to move.



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Community Manager

@sw99b Hey thanks for the post, some interesting ideas there. 

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The ability to upgrade the club would also be excellent. What I mean by this is the following:-


Accrington stanley for talking sake. If i were to go Stanley I could pick up 2/3 wonder kids and they will grow at the same rate as say at a club like Tottenham. This to me is seriously unrealistic. We should be able to upgrade facilities like what was possible in FIFA 06 (I think it was 06)


Scouting department


Striker Coaches


Midfield Coaches


Defense Coaches


Goalkeeping Coaches


Fitness Coaches


Medical Coaches


Stadia upgrades


Potentially even a bit of a chairman role, being able to select sponsorships at the start of a season, being able to change ticket pricing. 


Transfers are also something that are just far too easy, it's barely even a challenge to buy a player.


last point I can think of is, "manager mode" seems very old fashion, especially considering modern football is going down the head coach and DOF route now. Career mode should be modernised to suit this.

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On career mode as a player:
Earn your place in the team/squad by performing well in training, also if you are not picked for the starting 11 you should have a place on the bench.

Be able to be subbed off for tactical reasons or if you are playing poorly, not just if you are injured

Be able to play in consecutive games for your country- at the moment it’s play one game then miss one game. It makes no sense

If you are playing amazing then you should attract interest and bids from realistic clubs. Also if you’re playing badly or not needed by the club you should get transfer listed
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Hey! I´m exposing some new ideas to upgrade career mode to a next level. I wish you could send it to your management team and add as many features as you like.

First of all, I want to divide my suggestions in two groups; interaction and contents.

  1. Interaction (cinematics):

-Press: The actual press is quite basic. Frostbite allows you to introduce a real press conference with realistic questions that may affect the morale or confidence of players depending on your statements.

-Coach: You should be able to meet with different clubs to discuss the length of contract, wage, objectives of the club…etc.

-Clubs: You should be asked and tested about some of your squad players and youth players (some big clubs might be interested in players from the youth academy if they have potential)

-International offers: If there is any vacancy or your performance has been outstanding, an agent from the country should go to your office to discuss your contract as the new coach of an international team.( players who want to go will meet you in your office)

-Scouts: they would give you more details about skills, flaws, injuries potential…etc , specific facts about young players, and some pieces of advice and recommendations about the interest of other teams or whether sign the player/s or not.

-President: Meetings with the president to discuss about new objectives during the year, how things are going, recommendations to sign new players, sponsorships…

-Secretary: There should be a person who is the second coach/secretary that may offer some players, opportunities, the state of injured players, financial state of the club, fans opinion…etc




  1. New Contents :


-Free Agents: Most of the players that are signed come free and don´t renew their respective contracts. This type of signings are more evident in lower-level leagues such as ( ligue 2, EFL championship, liga123…). In fifa 19, you should be allowed to sign easily players rather than paying for every player (some players may not want to continue in the team the following year and go for free if you cannot sell the in January).

-Players value: If a championship team is promoted, that means their players have been great so they deserve and upgrade and be revalued, apart from the increase from the overall due to the training sessions or age as well. If a player has played very bad or has been out of form, his overall should be decreased. If his team is relegated, his overall should be influenced.

- Training sessions: You should be able to play training matches between starters and substitutes or the young squad and upgrade your players depending on the performance on those matches, as well as keeping the old training exercises.

You should be able to create your own corner tactics and plays as if we were in FIFA 12 that you could customise your corner plays.



-Young squad: More details and recommendations from scouts about the young players. Other clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern, Arsenal…etc trying to sign exciting prospects with potential from your young squad.

Realistic potential and progression( a lot of young players reach 90´s easily).

Sublevels when searching players to look for more specific players( attacker- big, skilful, good finishing…)

-Transfer market: Realism when teams are relegated( good players leave the team) or promoted (they sign a lot of new players). Free agents, more money given when you are promoted

----Beginning of career mode

  • Sponsorship, fans opinion, contests, ticket prices (manage the different sources of money).
  • Total customisation of your manager( face, body, suits , complements)
  • Customisation of generic stadiums to create the perfect stadium for your club (if the club doesn´t have its stadium in FIFA)
  • Create your own summer tournaments and being able to send an invitation to a club in order to play a friendly during the summer.
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