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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

by NJ_carz

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FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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So EA have tried a lot to improve the famous Career Mode in FIFA 17. But it still needs some improvements in the next edition. I would like to know your thoughts on these and I have also added my own Wishlist.


-Position Training: Train a player for a specific position that his growth will improve in the required attributes. For example, a RM would be improving mainly in sprint speed and acceleration but training him to become a CM would improve his ball control, stamina and passing more than other attributes.


-Practice and Youth Team Games: The ability to play or watch practice games for the reserves or the youth team to get an idea of how he plays and suitable tactics for the player. For example if a player can jump high, his tactics would be automatically set to go up for corners etc.


-Managerial Customization: Create a manager just like player CM. You can edit his facial features, body type, complexion and possibly even how he reacts to certain situations, like getting angry on missed chances on the touch line or trying to confront the player in bad form.


-Kits Customization: Change kits after every season by changing the design, colors maybe even sponsors which reflect on the team jersey.


-Clauses: Set release clauses, buy-back clauses and others on a player.


-Revenue System: Setting prices of tickets which influence attendance and revenue of which a part is added to the transfer budget. Sponsor payments may be added as to which sponsors can pay the most money to have their logo onto the kits.


-Facility and Stadium Upgrades: Upgrade facilities like the gym for physical growth or hire better medical staff for faster recovery.


-Training: Training the whole squad at once, this might also be done by playing a practice game and players who play well, grow better than others.


-Interviews and Conferences: Respond to certain questions that can have effects on the playing style of teams, like praising your own players a lot can cause overconfidence and poorer performances.


-Social Media: This was already added to The Journey, so why not in CM?


-Cutscenes for draws: Announcement of fixtures for Champions Cup (UCL) and Euro League (UEL) can be done using cutscenes which add depth rather than simply the board being giving word.


-More Tactical Controls: Edit player runs, like if ball is in the middle, make wide runs and drag defenders out of position to create space.


Would love to see at least some of these...

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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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Make a FIFA game that never ends! Just keep updating the data already present!
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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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I would love to see FIFA 18 go back to a FIFA Road to France 98 idea. Used to love playing a league with teams of choice ie Roma, Middlesbrough, Bordeaux, clubs from different countries, and signing/selling players i wanted. Each club had a budget and every player had a value. I think Kilmarnock had a budget of 10 million so i would sell some players to teams of my choice and bring in players like Lizarazu, Ravanelli. Big stars at the time. Might not have been realistic but it was my choice. In a career mode game i would never have been able to sign them. When you support a smaller team what's wrong with wanting to combine some of your clubs lesser known players with some world class players? I also loved the 5 a side option back in the day. Maybe in FIFA 97. Be good to be able to play 5 a side and choose the 5 players from the club of choice. Many years ago the 5 players for each club were pre selected. Back to the original post, good article. Good work in looking ahead to FIFA 18. Thanks.  

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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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I'm just gonna put this out here in another post once again.

I'd just love to have the game handle more career modes without crashing. This issue has been in the game for 3 years since Fifa 15 on PS4 and even the new PS4 Pro I bought. The game just randomly starts to crash once I get into the later stages of career mode.

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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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what smoke420blazeit said, I would love for EA to pay attention to career mode and make it actually playable, I also remember past FIFA games freezing on my X360 after a few seasons.

Also, it would be cool to have Creation Centre back, or some sort of mods like on Bethesda's games, that way the gaming community could fix the issues EA chooses to ignore Wink

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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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Thanks for the feedback here @ExtremeVibhav - I've moved it to the FIFA 18 forums Standard smile


- Andy -

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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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I think that the general consensus is that career mode (although improved) does need some more work. Personally I find it ridiculous that I can get Accrington Stanley into the premier league but still only have a stadium capacity of 5000, the attendance directly affects your clubs budget and transfer kitty for the following year.
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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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custom kit and new sponsors on kit would be really cool in career mode it is really boring to play everey time with the same kit especially if your team has only 2

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Re: FIFA 18 Career Mode Possible Improvements

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Please improve the Career mode by providing more sponsors for the jerseys and also a better system of improving or providing a means of a club to improve their organization by upgrading their stadiums either by upgrading them or moving to a new entire stadium. Stop relying on FUT as your cash cow. There are those of use that actually like career mode. Thank you
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