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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

by PunisherTRD

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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I can sense a disturbance in the force. Im unlucky and probably my early bird wont be delivered.


This always happens to me.

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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To me early bird packages is garbage, back before game release it was mention everyone would get Titans when game goes global, meaning more less Titans wouldn't be out till global release and pre alpha player would get a jump on them at global release.


But not even 1 day into the pre alpha they went ahead and released Titans into the game.


Figured it was a money grab, but since they did this they should have reworked the early bird packages.


If they want to stick to what was said long ago, why not make pre alpha players get a unique skin for the Titan that way people would know they was pre alpha players

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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Yeah .. I feel you bro.


Normally people who play on the test phase of any game get something to show they were there (a unique dog tag, badge, or a unique skin, etc)


Well ... its free and i we cant complain, but a Titan is a little ... unexpected since everyone has it. Hell i unlocked it on the first day i played the game.


I would like a lot more something like 200 riflemans/Militants or a bunch of whatever cards we actually use more often.


About the skins, we dont have any yet but i dont think i would e too hard to make like 1 exclusive GDI/ NOD Commander for Alpha testers. It would me a lot cooler than a Titan. Just an ideia.

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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Anton Slavic and Mcneil maybe ?


Jack Granger and Killian Qatar ?


A lot of options out there.

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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Not a game platform I'll entertain at any time, especially not after the latest train wreck of a mess created on Tiberium Alliances.

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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this whole game is a mess and very little is being done about 

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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Of course its a mass, its an EA property. Everytime I give them the benefit of the doubt they disappoint me and everyone else who trusted them. Im bringing more heat to EA. Ive reached the end of my rope with EA and any company which operates in a similar matter. Heck with the money, this is a personal affront and ill bring my consideral resources to the matter at hand.

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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Yea ... remember ME Andromeda face expressions ... this joke will last forever.

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Re: Exciting News for Rivals!

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ya thats kinda how i feel about this game 

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