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Re: Excess ROLO Shards

by Eiskallt

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Excess ROLO Shards

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Requesting Excess ROLO Shards to be substituted for Guild Currency.

Special Missions generally reward guild members with Guild Currency. Once ROLO is maxed I would like that the TB reward the Guild Currency instead of shards. We work hard as a cohesive unit and Shop Currency does not reflect the teamwork that is required for the mode.
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Re: Excess ROLO Shards

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This is an intriguing idea, it makes sense in some respects, especially it the exchange for shards to Guild currency want at a more than favorable exchange rate. Love it when players think outside the box! 😃
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Re: Excess ROLO Shards

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I would like to have the raids be rewarded the same way as territory battles what is the point of only 3 people getting the best loot it makes it so easy for people to dictate what the group earned it’s not a fair to make it easy for one person to get more than others it should be reworked so it would cause less drama 


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