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Re: Easter Dog-Tag


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Easter Dog-Tag

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Am I the only one who don't got this Dog-Tag yet? If so, should I just ask the Support and claim it?
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Re: Easter Dog-Tag

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I just received mine yesterday after the update. I would wait a few days before you file a takes a while to issue them all out.



Hope this helped?

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Re: Easter Dog-Tag

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I have got mine. Wait a couple days worse case contact support.

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Re: Easter Dog-Tag

I recommend wait a few more days. At least u can contact to ea help.
Nie jestem pracownikiem EA, pomagam jako gracz.

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Re: Easter Dog-Tag

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Alright, thanks guys!
I'll wait a few days and if I don't get it I turn to the Support.
Have a nice day!
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Re: Easter Dog-Tag


Most players got their Easter Dog Tag after the Spring Update was installed. But some still miss it, in that case please contact the Support.

They should be able to help with missing content, we can't unlock you stuff here in the Forums!


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Re: Easter Dog-Tag

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Usually. Wait for the UI of the game to be updated, if you still see the announcement for the goal you're reaching, it has not yet been delivered. Just be patient.
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Re: Easter Dog-Tag

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Hey... { @BobmanGaming2 } 


Try to contact EA Support because we can help you only with technical problems and game information...

EA Support:



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