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Re: EA battlefield server are not friendly!

by XXXO77O4906

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EA battlefield server are not friendly!

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i have issue playing battlefield game....i got text continuously to fire bullet in front of  moving soldier.which i am not supposed to do and i cant even calculate the required distance needed according to my pings...lots of other players have same issue..of not getting kills and miss bullet detection because of difference in pings....

why they dont make the server client sided?and resolve this issue once for all..

i want to put this post in feedback ...



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Re: EA battlefield server are not friendly!

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I moved this thread now to the General Discussion forums for BF1, carry on.


Additionally if you do have feedback, be also sure to provide it here: .


As for making the game client sided, one of the main reasons that is probably not done is due to games who are client sided are easily exploitable and easy to cheat on. You can search up games who are client sided and you will see my point very fast. Cheating will still happen as people will find a way, but a client sided game will make that much easier etc.

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Re: EA battlefield server are not friendly!

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nup this cant prevent cheaters..i have seen more cheaters in battlefield then any other may be bcz it is more popular game...

due to server sided issue my k/d ration is below other games it is always more then 1.0

EA could possibly create two servers types one client sided and other server sided so every one could join the server according to their liking......

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