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EA Support Service and Assistance

by Ackzell

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EA Support Service and Assistance

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I would like to put in a complaint about the customer service chat this year and give feedback on a few serious problems with this game currently. 

I will start by clarifying I am not in a good mood. My story begins with squad battles. I challenged the featured squad battle on legendary and all was okay. I scored 3 early goals, the CPU buffed up and I couldn't score again but they scored 3 in 5 minutes after minute 80 to take it to extra time (all un-defendable air balls). The game goes to extra time and I am able to create a new lead at 5-3. During the celebration for goal 5, in the 120th minute, the game crashed for the first time in the 2 weeks I've already been playing this game.  

Maybe, just maybe, [Comment Removed - Admin.]

I contacted support hoping to be granted some small form of valid compensation for the fact my whole week of squad battles and score is screwed because of this? They aren't allowed to grant compensation anymore. I can't convince him how wrong this is when you have a game that ranks you for these god damn terrible events and for every DC you ever have. 

So okay, they can't help me. 

I had a second query though. I wanted to know why access to the transfer market on the companion app just does not unlock for me? It's been years and it will seemingly never unlock. It says to keep playing on PC even though I have for years and done everything you could fathom through thousands of hours of fifa and the app still says to 'keeping playing on PC to unlock'. 

The support adviser said they do not have the ability to unlock the companion app either. It's amazing how much they can't do, is there anything they CAN do besides offer terrible and generic technical support that anyone with a brain and google can find?

The adviser cut me off in the end (no rudeness on my part only his) when he was refusing to answer the question 'what specifically do I need to do to unlock access to the companion app'? 

I repeated this question several times trying to make him answer it but he just rudely cut off chat with a rude goodbye to boot, about 15 minutes into this chat session it was. 15 minutes of him wasting my time unable to help with a single problem. 

What is the support team there to do? Because it isn't help people, if anything it is '* them off more'. 

Literally the worst support in the world, for the worst company in the world. I wish I didn't like soccer so much. It's a disease when EA are the only one with gaming rights to it all.... 

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Re: EA Support Service and Assistance

★ Apprentice

It is amazing that the word 'p is s' is censored. Doesn't that just make it more open to being a worse word underneath that asterisk??? >.> 

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