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Thank You ea for paying attention to your customers.

by AFVet74

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EA Sports doesn’t care about their fans.

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This is to you Mike Young and Sean Graddy. I’m sick and tired of being lied to. Mike, last year you said, and I quote, “We are recommitting to franchise mode.” Obviously that is a complete and utter lie. You relegated us to 8 bullet points that should come in a December patch. But no, that’s all you’re doing for Madden 21. You should take a look at your buddies at the NHL side to see how to make a franchise. Add a coaching carousel for crying out loud. It was in a game released by your same company in 2013!! Oh and also in former Madden games! This is downright absurd. I am 21 years old and I have gotten every single Madden since Madden 04. That streak ends with Madden 21. 

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Thank You ea for paying attention to your customers.

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Well, in a month or so madden 21 will be dumped on gullible consumers, numbering in the many. Especially those customers buying the game to strictly play the Franchise mode. As for myself, not being one of the gullible consumers, saw and read your humorous, so-called, "gridiron notes for Franchise mode". It's notes that after being read, and anyone with a minimum amount of comprehension skills will realize, all madden 21 is specifically the franchise is one GINORMOUS patch. What a friggin disgrace, what catastrophe of production and management. But, I will give you credit for taking huge advantage of the monopoly scheme, ignore requests from your customer base, and making an enormous amount of money in doing so. And with that, along with many others, and just go on youtube and check it out ea development team, what they think, and the efforts they are putting out warning gullible consumers of just how terrible this product is. Just when you thought madden couldn't get any worse than 20, congratulations, ea you succeeded.

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Re: EA Sports doesn’t care about their fans.


Hey @51tongafan 


Sorry to say but Ultimate Team is where the money is (in all sports titles) and it's usually modes like Franchise that take a beating.


While I'm not overly familiar with Madden (very casual), I can take a guess and say you're probably still better off than in NHL - we lost GM Connected a while ago and Franchise is in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.


I'm hoping that by Sport X 22, we'll see a massive improvement to QoL across the board, with hopefully the return of many beloved modes.


I don't exactly agree with boycotts but I think it's on the community as a whole to advocate for changes to other modes and maybe spend less on card packs to start shifting the trends we find ourselves in.

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Madden 22

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I'll be honest lets just move on to Madden 22, if you really want you're game to sell, get rid of ultimate team. For franchise mode, implement concepts you had from Madden 2004, 2005 with owner mode and something like the Tony Bruno show. Also bring back minicamp so you can improve the players that need improving before the game starts and in practice mode they should be in practice gear, not the uniforms they wear on Sunday. Bring back minicamp outside of franchise mode to unlock classic players and or play exhibition games to earn coins to unlock them. I would say unlock historic teams but I know that would be too big of an ask considering you have to get the permission from so many players. This definitely will make the game sell and the reason why I can say that is along with me, many others still play those maddens til this very day. One last thing, Pat Summerall/Al Michaels/ John Madden were and forever will be legendary announcers when it comes to Madden & real-life...bring in somebody like Joe Buck/Troy Aikman or heck even Al Michaels/Cris Collinsworth, their commentary is always exciting!!

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Re: EA Sports doesn’t care about their fans.

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Dear everyone in EA and respawn. You have constantly let me down in apex since the start of Season 3.  Every new season that has come out you have turned more towards the typical EA game way and have only wanted to make players spend money for you to do nothing.  We pay money for skins, battle pass, and much more only for you to keep the money and come out with the same season just different skins. You have all of the money in the world that you can pay your employers with but yet you still cannot seem to fix glitches and issues that have taken place since season 1. Perfect examples, your servers, your characters, your hit box ratios, weapon damage, players shots not registering “not to mention that’s never been fixed still”, your LTM’s that you never listen to players of what they want back. Let me give a little insight from what I know.  You brought the dummies big day twice when nobody had asked for it. You didn’t want to bring back solos when it’s been asked for, you didn’t want to bring back fight or fright, you didn’t want to bring back simple things like that cause it wasn’t in your agenda. Your character Wraith has had the worse hit box since the start of the game that still hasn’t been fixed.  You can shoot at her point blank and she still doesn’t take the damage that she is supposed to. If she crouches you literally can never shoot her because she’s impossible to hit. Your servers still fail to stay alive because it takes forever to find a different server, we randomly lag out of servers and take us forever to get back into, in ranked you are still putting golds in diamond servers. Just yesterday I had a high honor to see 2 diamonds and a gold on the same team. I was a diamond 4 getting teamed up with golds as well.  Your servers in ranked are the main thing that always ends up being broken and somehow your rule when you reach platinum of having a 1 tier difference is truly a joke if it isn’t applied. When you are charging with a shield battery and you hit a 0.0 how is it I’m still waiting an extra second and still getting killed when my shield battery should have been charged up by then.  Just curious on that.   Sometimes it seems you only go with what the twitch players and streamers say and not care with we non streamers care about.   It’s season 6 and close to season 7 and yet we are still experiencing shots not being registered especially when they should have.  The weapon damage is still unbalanced etc.   might I add another thing. You lowered the TTK by lowering the shields only to where you can have a max of 200 health and it was a GREAT IDEA but you took it away most likely because twitch players came about and complained.   One good idea you had to make things go faster ended up going away because of that. I would rather see y’all do something productive with the money given to you when players play and buy your event skins and more instead of not fixing what needs to be fixed like the things I have mentioned above. 

A Concerned Apex Player 

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