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Does anyone like the Elders aspect of the Sims Mobile game?

by NeonBanana10

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Does anyone like the Elders aspect of the Sims Mobile game?

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  1. It’s not really like playing other Sims games. I feel they serve no real purpose and end up consuming the entire game, the town is full of them. There is no death in the Sims Mobile so you can’t kill them off. The elder story comes with clothing that you’d never wear on a young sim. I know there are “moments” you can have with them when they retire and stay lurking in your home, but I don’t feel it’s very beneficial to have a million of them wandering around everywhere. It’s making this game duller. I feel like townies should not age. If they do, at least get the same retirement treatment as the Sims we retire from our homes and have a birthday cake come up and then retire and disappear in a couple of days and a new sim appears. Once you hit a certain point, the only townies that aren’t old are the ones with the blue plumbobs because you met them at a party. 
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