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Does NFS 2019 really need a graphics overhaul ???

by Luka0101998

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Does NFS 2019 really need a graphics overhaul ???

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I am a huge fan of modern technology and how it developed over the past few years. 

Along with that,i am a fan of game visuals, but to a certain extent. 

As for NFS, i want the game to build content wise. I want it to be unique in its own way. 

A lot of games these days have one thing in common - almost life-like visuals but not every game is great.  

Look, i know a lot of you people want every new title to be the most beautiful and beyond expectations. 

When graphics take such a huge overhaul during development, games lack in what they really need - GAMEPLAY VALUE !

Just take the 2015/16 reboot as an example, the game is breathtaking but as soon as you buy a car you always wanted, you don`t get C from customization ! (Dodge Challenger, Lamborghini Aventador , Chevrolet Corvette...) 

I want games to look great, don`t get me wrong BUT  i do not want graphics to take half of the dev cycle of the title ! 

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Re: Does NFS 2019 really need a graphics overhaul ???

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Your points made in your post describe exactly what EA & many other game companies have been profiting off of !!!

While cutting the fans the true meat & potato content!  

I fully agree too many game studios have become grossly only focus on  Graphics into a game. 

EA they know kids don't pay attention to valuable content thats missing, but adults like me & you sure do!

The whole game industry runs away with our money and gives us mediocre content at best these days.

A multi billion dollar industry specializing in fast food games! 

As an adult I see these flaws everytime I buy a game as i play it out chapter to chapter or by Levels! 

I could just kick myself when  a short six months later the same game i paid $80.00 for new is now $35 online on sale!

EA & other companies know they got consumers hooked by the wallet and tranced into the whole artificial world  it has become an addiction for many!

As a game community we need to learn to become slower in handing our money & time over to new games right away.

Companies as a whole no matter the line of product have no care about the consumers loyalty at the end of the business day!

Profits alone keep the engine of such an industry going and the complexity of such development of these games feeds the flames of fans through corporate advertisement.

The idea is the longer a company can keep its base of consumers hooked the more profits they create for thier greedy desires! 

Now I'll be the first to tell you Capitalism works in America, & most in America would agree with me on this topic in the financial markets!

So yeah the base content of this game franchise has been hollowed out to the core and filled in by fancy graphics and even those details get overlooked too!

Again thanks for your perspective views and thoughts on a fantastic post you made.

Cheers Brother...I'm fully agreeing with you! High five

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