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Day of The Dead Pack

by givememore86

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Day of The Dead Pack

★★★★ Guide

The Day of the Dead pack looks really good. However, when it was promoted it came with 600 simcash and now in game is 50 simcash. What happened?

I would definitely pick this one up it came with 600 simcash, but with 50 I might just pass. I don't feel this is the way you should do business.

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Re: Day of The Dead Pack

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@givememore86 Same. I mean I was told paid packs have gotten more expensive than from 2018 but damn I didnt think they would shave the value in half for the exact same pack offered in 2018. Really scummy. I hope they lost players.
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Re: Day of The Dead Pack

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@rewatches I had almost 50 friends on my friends list for parties. Since that's sweet treat challenge I'm down to 20 friends. And none of them seem to be throwing any parties. They've made really bad decisions since fire monkey has been around. And these people that I had to defriend had packs and they were at level 50. People are getting frustrated.
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