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Re: Coupon codes for BF1 Premium

by asunderwheat

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Coupon codes for BF1 Premium

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I have been a loyal battlefielder since 1942. Ive purchased every expansion and dlc. I purchased battlefield 1 premium for Pc however the community is not there. I went ahead and purchased battlefield 1 for my xbox and htere is a much more active community. Since i have been a loyal soldier for every battlefield game and effectivley purchased BF1 twice now are there any discounts So i can get premium/expansion pass for less on the xbox one.

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Re: Coupon codes for BF1 Premium

Hello @FishMcCray

Sorry, but EA cannot  provide any discounts personally.  Time to time Xbox Store and EA offer discounts for some games.  If you interested you can follow official Xbox  Store Twitter  to be aware about any discounts for EA games.


                                                                                                    I DON'T WORK FOR EA.

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Re: Coupon codes for BF1 Premium

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Keep an eye out, maybe set a google alert, for DLC to go on sale.  

Based on past games and Star Wars Battlefront last year you should have some opportunity to purchase DLC on sale at some point. You just have to be a bit patient and catch it during the window when it is on sale.

So far the French DLC is worth the $15 to me, the maps are fun, there is a good new game mode and a couple of decent weapons. 

The down side is that the DLC are taking so long. There is one free map coming in June, which means the 2nd DLC pack probably won't arrive until July or August. That is a long time considering the game debuted last October.

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Re: Coupon codes for BF1 Premium

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hopefully it will not as bad as Battlefront it was over a year later before they really dropped the price for the season pass alone. throughout the year they dropped the price on the Ultimate edition. they have been doing that with battlefield1 ultimate edition discounted a few times already this year. I would expect they will not drop the price for premium until the last DLC. I hope I am wrong I like having a lot of players playing the DLC maps.

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