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Congratulations EA

by irodfraga1

Original Post

Congratulations EA

★★★★ Novice

You just made me uninstall the game after the las Patch. 

Now is even worst, I can’t believe this is your best. 


I decide to stop playing because all the kind of unfair things in this game, broken players to balance, broken passing, players feeling tuning over fresh concrete... etc 

but I returned to watch if was better... but no is the worst job I ever seen in a game... and to make things better I was punished for not playing 3 days, stealing me 3000+ skill points under grading me to rank 2 in div 5... then losing 13K coins from rewards... seriously? Instead of cheering me to come back you spit in my face? 


Im done... my experience with you has been the wost in my life playing video games. This is out of control and you are out of your mind .... 

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Re: Congratulations EA

Community Manager

Sorry to hear that you are leaving @irodfraga1 but if you have constructive feedback then we are happy to pass it on to the team.


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Re: Congratulations EA

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★★★★ Novice

Constructive feedback, TBH I don't believe EA is going to listen but ...


1.- Why do we have a new "fresh" version of FIFA if we always get a minor or a mayor release of the same base version? If we waste money in packs would be useless every september... anyway you current approach is to bring cards for any excuse, every week you update the players, so why dont kept the same account/game and just update the cards and eventrualy, as you always do, applying patches... after all you main and only focust is FUT and packs, you are not paying to much attention in offline games


2.- Talking about offline games, why, why you have to include that adaptative difficulty/dynamic difficulty/momentum or whatever for matches vs AI... 

3.- Regarding this difficulty... in FUT if we got tired to play vs humans because bad gameplay our only option to continue playing with the team we are suffering to build... is playing vs AI ... but for a limited time for the following reasons:

a.- If you play a lot, eventually when reaching div 1 all the difficulty is in legend and Max no matter which tournament you choose, your legend and max difficult must be called impossible to beat difficulty, so we stop playing because of this, so if you provide 5 tournaments, make them consistent regarding the difficulty, 1 for Semi-Pro beginners, 1 for Semi-Pro and Pro, 1 for Pro and world class and so on... so if we want to play for FUN AND DO NOT GET STRESSED we have an options, event if the coins regard is poor, but is a game and games were invented to entretaing and have fun! 

b.- because de adaptative difficulty, eventually is impossible or to hard to win even on semi-pro

4.- Regarding games and FUN... this game do not provide that anymore, is a full time job, you design this game to have everyone playing without thinking are kids, young and adults (with real jobs) but like my case if I stopped to play actually for 2 days, you got relegated (punished for inassistance) and payroll discount because you lost coins because a lower reward scheme... seriously? I not even sign a full time job contract.... 

5.- You want us to play with madness all day, a lot, but you dont allow us to do that... what a f****?!! why? because if you pick a team of your preference eventually can play anymore, in my case I played for more than 100 matches using a full gold barcelona team... using possession and tiki taka (driven) style but after patch I cant complete 4 passes in a row because Messi feels like a bronze 54 player unable to control the ball, cant pass a guy infront of him about 3 metters without being intercepted or sent to far from him... palyers not controlling easy balls, defenders unable to tackle, GK trying to take the ball from my own defenders causing bounces, mistakes, 

6.- (I dont want to continue anymore there is a lot of things in gameplay that are so wrong... when the momentum is aganist you you can try to clear the ball from the box 7 times and always the ball ends in a bounce with another defender, or an striker, bounces ended in the strikers feets, you can tackle and try to clear again and the same more and more bounces, if after 7 attempts you finally can clear the ball ends always if a defender, not in an open space... always in an opponent player and of course mile away from your nearst striker... 

7.- as you can see the gameplay is terrible... or please explain me one thing... if I always play with the same team why in some cases when starting a new match my team rating changes? I mean

when connecting with another player my team says (atk-mid-def) 86-89-85, but in some cases it changes (using same players) to 84-86-84 or 85-85-85 ... so yes I found a way to know if that momentum/algorithm/dynamic difficulty has been applied ... 


I can be here for hours talking about this game, so if you want a really constructive feedback, please stop delivering a game every year and invest in 2 or 3 years in development, to have the enough time to develop and test the game and then release a high quality game, for last time and after that just apply patches and minor or mayor updates... in that way I may be would be open to buy packs with real money... because at least I can hold the team for years... and to farm 15 million coins is going to look achievable if 2 years... right now just the idea to farm 5 millions coins is impossible, there is no way, just do your math ... 

Leave that achievements to "packs" please, dont do that, we all know the odds of those packs, is easier to have Jennifer Aniston knocking to my door to night asking me for s** than picking an Ronaldo 96 Prime Moments Icon opening 1500 or 45000 packs ... (1K - 40K real usd dollars)

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