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Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

by EA_Atic

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Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

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Community Manager

Afternoon folks -


One of the standout pieces of feedback that we’ve received over the past six months has been that you want the ability to keep levelling your Career Rank beyond 50. So during the later part of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, we’re upping the cap to let you progress all the way to Career Rank 500. 


Note: This post is numbers heavy! Don’t be shy to ask questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer. We're in active development of the feature now and so take the below as a first look at the work that we've done so far.




For every 50 ranks that you gain, you’ll earn a Promotion, signifying your progress on the road to 500. During Ranks gained from 51 through to 100, you’ll receive Company Coin, and this will repeat between each Promotion.



At level 100 you’ll be Promoted for the first time, a new Dog Tag will be delivered to your Company, plus you’ll now have a shiny new Career Rank Icon for your in game scoreboard. You’ll receive further Promotions at Rank 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, and finally 500.




I’ll list out our current thinking in terms of exact XP required to level up at the bottom of the thread, but to set the scene, the distance from Rank 50 to 51 (and the ranks that follow) won’t be on the same trajectory that got you from 49 to 50.

Currently, in order for you to get from 49 to 50, you need 35,000 XP, but getting from 50 to 51 will only require 12,000 XP. This is 3x higher than when you went from Rank 0 to 1, and you’ll see a similar trend as you continue on through to your first promotion at Rank 100.


Each time you get promoted, the XP Curve is reset, but made stronger, with much bigger jumps in the curve coming for the final Promotions.




By the time you reach Rank 500, you’ll have earned close to 2 million in Company Coin, just from ranking up by playing the game. Once you reach level 500, you’ll continue to earn Company Coin through Assignments, Daily Orders, and Tides of War Rewards. To help balance out the addition of Company Coin earned per rank, you will find that End of Round Company Coin awards will be switched off once the new ranks are added to the game in August.

You’ll get 1500 Company Coin per Rank from 50 through till 70, and then 3000 Company Coin per Rank until you reach 100. On your Promotion, you’ll receive more Company Coin, the Dog Tag, scoreboard icon, and then the cycle resets, with increases to the amount of Company Coin you receive.


And that’s the news, this will be live during the later half of Chapter 4. I’ll see if I can come back with an update on our progress at the end of June. Please do let us know what you think here on the official Battlefield Forums, Battlefield V subreddit, Twitter, Facebook, Discord.


See you at EA Play?



Link to Career Ranks Breakdown on Google Sheets




The Xp wont be retroactive, once the new levels hit you will start fresh at 50. 




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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

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★★★★ Guide

This is NOT the update on ranks I was hoping for. We've been sitting at rank 50 for MONTHS. And now we have to wait 3-4 MORE months for 500 ranks? I would rather have just 50 plain ranks right now. 


I used to be the biggest defender of this title when everybody was trash talking it but I can't take this anymore...

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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

★★★ Apprentice
I personally like this and am happy to have something to shoot for again while playing. I've started to get that feeling of wanting a challenge but not finding one. The weekly ToW stuff is ok but I tend to unlock the new item within the a few hours of the launch day. Being at Rank 50 and ToW Rank 40 I have nothing driving me to get the additional XP from the Chapter.

The only thing I am not clear on is the start date for the progression. I'm excited to see it start.
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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

So #RoadToRank500 is coming to my Streaming Schedule... :D Cant wait for it and i'm excited how much time it will take me to get at Rank 500

I'm having really good times in BattlefieldV and be Rank 500 to show of that dedication? YES, YES and YES!! Standard smile
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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

★★★★ Guide

@HiSpeedJunkieThe new rank progression is still MONTHS away...

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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

★ Pro

Largest max rank increase in Battlefield, I like it! This should offer a ton of replayability for many people

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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

★★★ Apprentice
I just saw that on Twitter @Adman_Tor and as happy as I am to get progression back I am really bummed about the wait. Still excited just now as much as I was...
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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

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★★★★ Novice

Ok, here is the thing. I think the development team is loosing the whole purpose of the ranking system...

What the ranking system is supposed to do:


- Tell other players how experienced you are. Honestly speaking after playing 500 hours you hit a platou and don't get much better. At 500hours you should be close to max rank. I don't think many people will play past 1000 hours with the amount of content available. It's already a very optimistic number.

So basically it will make zero sense to see if someone is rank 150 or 305. It's the same. BF1 ranking worked, so why change it?


- Second of all, rank should come with some privilages. For example: higher ranked players get promoted to squad leader. Or have stronger reinforcements (to late probably for this).

Makes sense, right? Otherwise what's the point.


And finally why would you rank 2 players the same, who is just barely rank 50 and someone who multiple XP points? It's just unfair losing previous progress.


Less rank level and carrying over XP would be a good idea!


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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

How about a retrospective calculation of our rank, using our current XP accumulation to determine our new rank?


If you found this post helpful, please leave XP.
If you disagree, please leave a comment.
Either way, it helps to make the post more informative.

I do game design - from itty bitty bugs to big ideas.
I don't work for EA.

Join us on our Easter Egg hunt.
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Re: Community Broadcast - Introducing Promotions

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★★★★ Novice

I don't see why dedicated players should be punished.

Also I would make max rank more reasonable.

Like max rank of 150 with 1000hours played and close to max rank (140) at 500 hours played.


Max rank should be reachable at least for 1% of the player base. 2% should be close to max rank.

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