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Coming Soon: Economy Changes

by EA_dance210

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

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WTF !!! Why so many of the same epic ? this is supposed to work this way ?

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

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From the original post:


With this Update, the Epic Crate drops cards for 6 different units, and the Colossal Crate drops cards for 7 different units.



It seems that means you'll get 5 different types of COMMON units, 1 RARE unit and 1 EPIC unit.  Of which, 192 cards will be COMMON, 178 cards will be RARE and 44 cards will be EPIC.


It's a bit ridiculous that, as seen in my latest video, I only managed to get 178 of the same RARE card.  Compared to my first Colossal Crate video, those RARE cards were spread amongst 3 unit types.


I think they might be doing this to appease the Whales where THEY prefer to get a lot of cards for only 1 unit as you need quite a bit of cards to level up your units from 11 onwards.

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

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Ive already initiated all of the charge backs. Ive reached max level and the gold payouts in crates are grossly inadequate. This looks like a game EA wants us to play for a decade or two without getting units above 9 or 10 unless we rob banks to pay for virtual goods.

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

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might as well be called get robbed crate

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

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Once people understand whats being done to them financially, I expect complaints to start flying. EA just cant stop themselves from dangling treasure chests in front of people. Theyve discovered how lucrative this form of bad behavior can be.

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

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>Theres no excuse for this other than to anger consumers.

The unit cap is there to prevent people mass producing units, and to add strategy by being selective with the amount troop population available to you. (ex: 4 units 2 harvesters, or 6 unit). The special ability getting slowed down by troop count is a noteworthy topic that may have been overlooked by the devs, or intentionally included to add a layer of strategy (because a Kane Tower is still like having a unit on the field) but, by no means is it implemented to * people off.


Your anger is misdirected, IMO. 

>Spent $120


That is probably too much to spend on any mobile game (opinion), I do not know of anywho would tell their friends and family that. Your are defined as a Whale to the board of directors at EA. The unlocking cards, leveling up, loot boxs are all their because of Whales and I think all of those mechanics are detrimental to the 'spirit' of the game.


>As of right now this game is busted trash. 


That is your opinion, I have one too. The game plays fairly well (some disconnects), is relatively balanced (if both players have the same access to the same cards) and is quite engaging. But, the financial model I think is predatory by feeding off whales, subconscious gambling addictions, at the cost of sacrificing the C&C brand, and Rivals longevity. 

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

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Go right ahead and "support the devs". This game is a monstrosity. I only keep playing it to see how much worse they can make it. Im going to have to file another BBB complaint. My one star review has joined the masses of terrible reviews and I filed the credit card charge backs as I said I would. I already told my coworkers to avoid this game as if it was C.Diff or MRSA. I am well respected in the medical community. I had several nurses tell me that they would make sure their children werent playing this game


If developers cared what customers thought I might not have done this.


Unit production times are super slow, unit movement speeds are bad, AI is worse, and they hold back on credits.


I guess my next step will be to file a complaint with my state Attorney Generals office.  I still haven't given up on the idea of a class action lawsuit. Theres any number of avenues still left to be explored.


I wonder if these games fall under the laws of Theft by deception. Theft of services. Breach of fiduciary duty or possibly exploitation?

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