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Coming Soon: Economy Changes

by EA_dance210

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Coming Soon: Economy Changes

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EA Community Manager

The next Update will introduce some changes to the in-game economy. Continue reading to learn about all the changes coming soon!


Unit Training and Level Up Costs

We continue to monitor how units of different rarities level up and have made some changes in our past few updates to help Epic and Rare units stay in line with Common units. With the next Update, we will make some major changes to the amount of cards and credits it takes to train and level up units.

 - Training costs have been normalized for the three rarities.  Epic and Rare units used to cost more to train.  This is no longer true.

 - Training costs have increased for Common units levels 11+

 - Training costs have decreased slightly for Rare units level 4+

 - Training costs have decreased slightly for Epic units levels 6+

 - Card costs have decreased for Common units levels 7-13

 - Card costs have decreased for Rare units levels 7+

 - Card costs have decreased for Epic units for all levels


For levels that have had credit and/or card costs reduced, we will be reimbursing your accounts with the credits and/or cards you spent to reach that specific unit level. This reimbursement will apply cumulatively to all unit levels that have been reduced this Update.


Other Rewards

With the launch of our Player Level update there are many changes coming to the various reward systems in the game:  


Bounty Rewards

The amount of Credits earned from bounties has been slightly rebalanced with the Player Level update. At max level, we realized a higher percentage of your Credits were coming from bounties than from Crates, and so the amount of Credits earned per bounty at max level have been reduced and have been reallocated to the Common and Uncommon Crates earned each day from consuming Fuel.

- The bounty reward starts at 60 Credits at level 1

- The reward increases by 20 Credits every 3 levels until level 16. It then upgrades by 20 Credits every 6 levels until level 58, where each bounty is worth 300 Credits


Victory Credits

We understand that earning Credits from battle is an important source of income for many players. We are happy that some of you love the game and show that devotion by playing a ton of battles each day. There is also a large group of you that love this game but are unable to play as much. And, through looking at data and via feedback, we realize that the Credits income of players that cannot play as much is greatly suffering.  


Thus, in Update 1.2, we are making some changes to how Credits are earned:

- We are increasing the amount of Credits earned per victory. Players level 1 earn 40 Credits per victory.

- This amount increases by 5 Credits every 5 levels, maxing at 100 Credits per victory at level 60

- The number of eligible victories has decreased to 10 wins from 20.


For those of you that play a ton of battles each day, we understand this change may feel counterintuitive. We are constantly monitoring both data and qualitative feedback, and this is a part of the game we are passionate about making feel good to all players.


Alliance Donations

Being able to target specific unit cards or earn some extra credits is important to training and upgrading your army. One thing that stood out to us, however, was that players at max level were earning too many Credits per day from donations when compared to other credit sources. Donations is still an important source of Credits, but has been reduced at max level (level 60 compared to the old level 20)


- Players at max level can earn up to 1500 Credits per day from donating (down from 2000).  

- All other donation related values at max level are the same.

- Due to the change from 20 Player Levels to 60, the number of cards received and max credits earned per level increase differently over time than before.



As with the previous level structure, all Crates will increase in value as you increase your player level. We have, however, made changes to the growth algorithm of Crates so that they are more in line with the growth of your available units as you level up. This means that when you gain access to a new Rare Unit, all crates will drop more Rare Cards; and this is the same for Common and Epic Units as well. 


We have also made some changes to the Epic and Colossal Crates, because we heard that fewer, larger stacks of cards feel better when opening Crates. These Crates used to drop cards for 7 and 8 different units, respectively. With this Update, the Epic Crate drops cards for 6 different units, and the Colossal Crate drops cards for 7 different units.  


Daily Featured Unit Crates

We have added a new option to the Crates tab of the Store starting at Player Level 9.  Many of you gave us feedback that the faction-specific Crates in the Store did not feel compelling. Thus, we have created the “Daily Featured Unit Crates”. These crates combine a faction crate with 5 extra guaranteed copies of the Epic Unit featured in your Daily Cards for each faction. For example, if your daily Nod Epic card is Cyborgs, then the Nod Daily Featured Unit Crate will grant 5 additional Cyborg Cards plus all the contents of a Nod Crate.


Medals Earned from Victories

The number of Medals earned from a Victory will be adjusted in the next update:

 - Players earn 10 - 25 Medals on a win, down from 15 - 25 Medals

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★★★★ Novice
so excited
Message 2 of 17 (1,169 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★ Apprentice

Anu ideia when the update comes out ?

Message 3 of 17 (1,139 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★★★★ Novice

I dunno, I feel like out of all the changes, The change to how many games you play per day to earn coin being lowered is very counterproductive. If you are wanting to create an environment where people are wanting to play, be challenged and eventually get to the top brass by putting in the time rather than pay as you play. Limiting the amount you can earn seems like you force people either to not play your game when they want. Or rather forcing them to spend money just to keep moving forward. Which makes the game a money scheme and unplayable again.

Message 4 of 17 (1,112 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★★★★★ Guide

Not bad for the most part; should definitely make things more balanced Standard smile

Message 5 of 17 (1,086 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★★ Apprentice

My only complaint is I was 28 attack bikes from level 10. After update it now shows 10/180...


It took me forever getting donations and buying them when they popped up.


This is one of the reasons I quit putting money into the game.

Message 6 of 17 (959 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★★★★★ Apprentice

Ive made my final purchase in this game. The colossal loot box for 2500 diamonds was less than impressive. It helped me level up units not at all. Because of the substantial amount of money invested Ill continue to play the game for as long as the servers are active. 


I cant express enough the dissatisfaction I began to feel after level 6 or 7. Units take a thousand cards or more to level up? Credits of 8k plus for unit advancement?


From here on out Im going to be very selective when it comes to playing any games published by electronic arts. Sonewhere along the way microtransactions and pay DLC took over the video game industry. This ruins games for customers and generates a lot of ill will. 


On the Google Play store I might rate this game a 3 if I was feeling charitable. Another complaint I have us the way you have handicapped players by slowing the amount of gold payout. 


No one forced me to but, out of excitement ive invested $120.00 playing this game. It was $120.00 too much. Ill start both a petition to get rid of all loot boxes in EA games next week. Ill also call my credit card company to issue charge backs and im filing a complaint with the BBB. 


Games are supposed to be rewarding, fun, and not pay to win. The game industry as a whole is moving in the wrong direction.

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★★★★★ Apprentice

Im going to amend my complaint. I have watched the build timers for the commanders special power. Ill use the ion cannon as an example. As you get more units on screen the special power recharges much slower than it does when the game first starts. Theres no excuse for this other than to anger consumers.


Someone said we cant have too many units on the screen at once or the game would basically become a slideshow. This is a plausable explanation. I can only speak for myself when I say my time is valuable. I have college degrees and play this game for stress relief. 


As of right now this game is busted trash. 

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Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★★ Guide

need to give out more gold bc i cant even up my units past 9 any of them i have to grind for about 3 weeks to get the gold 

Message 9 of 17 (777 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Economy Changes

★★★★★ Novice

Tell me about it.  This is only my second Colossal Crate that I have purchased and the amount of Epic cards I got was a bit of a joke.  I was under the impression that they were meant to be spread out, rather than getting one massive lump sum of them...


Oh, and here was my first Colossal Crate opening:

Message 10 of 17 (763 Views)


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