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Re: Coming Soon: Bounties and Fuel Improvements

by EA_dance210

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Coming Soon: Bounties and Fuel Improvements

EA Community Manager



The Bounties feature is one we have had in the game for a while, and it has always tried to satisfy a few goals:

  • To give you a consistent expectation about how much you need to play to maximize the rewards
  • To incentivize you to use units not in your primary Armies (we know this one can be tricky, so keep reading).

We realize that the current system is not satisfying these goals, so we want to talk today about changes we are making to the Bounties feature in the next update.


New Bounty Tasks


When we analyzed why bounties were failing to meet our first goal, we identified a few culprits. Bounties that required wins under certain conditions made it very hard to know how long your bounties would take. On a perfect day, you could complete these quickly, but on a bad day, you could battle over and over, struggling to get that last win, all while losing medals. This is not the type of experience we want to deliver with the Bounties system.


In order to ensure you consistently make progress against your bounties, we are making the following changes to the types of Bounties you receive:

  • Faction Bounties are changing from “Win battles as [faction]” to “Play as [faction]”. This means, as long as you play as both factions, you will complete these bounties.
  • Specialist Bounties that require killing with specific units are changing to require you to build a specific unit. This makes it easier to track how many units are needed to complete the Bounty.
  • Specialist Bounties that require winning with a certain Commander are changing to require you to use a specific Commander Ability a certain number of times. This change is intended to get you to effectively use Commander Abilities in battle instead of simply having the Commander in your Army.
  • We are getting rid of the Bounties that require you to win without conceding a missile.
  • We are keeping the Bounty that requires you to kill an enemy Harvester.

Progress Towards Next Rare Crate is Saved


We realized the Crate rewards coming out of the the Bounty system were not accurately reflecting the amount of work you put in. You could do 99% of the work, but only receive approximately 70% of the reward because you would get an Uncommon Crate instead of a Rare Crate.  

Once our next major update goes live, the progress you make towards your next Rare Crate will not reset. To simplify the feature, we are removing the Common and Uncommon Crates from the system, but now reward you with a Rare Crate whenever you complete five Bounties, even if those five bounties are completed on different days.  


Rerolling Specialist Bounties with Fuel


We all have one or two Units that we just do not like and receiving a Bounty for those Units is infuriating. We do, however, like that Specialist Bounties encourage using other units. People in the studio have tales of getting a Bounty they felt was annoying, but in completing it, found a new unit they enjoy; I personally, discovered my love for the GDI Orca in this way.

But we also understand that this is not always the case. With our next update, we are adding the ability to reroll Specialist Bounties with Fuel, so by playing an extra battle or two, you will be able to get rid of a pesky bounty. Rerolling will also ensure you do not get served a Bounty you already rerolled that day. But be careful, if you reroll through all your available Specialist Bounties, you will cycle through the list again.




Earning Fuel and ordering Crates is the other primary reward system we have been keeping a close eye on. Similar to Bounties, ordering Crates has not provided you with a consistent expectation of how much you need to play each day in order to maximize rewards.  

We also realize, that different players have different play habits--some people play a few battles at a time over the course of the day, while some like to sit down, focus, and play a ton of battles in a row. We want the Crate system to be flexible enough to support both of these types of play habits.


Thus, we will be making the following changes to how you earn fuel and order Crates:

  • Fuel earn rates will be doubled; you will earn 2 Fuel for a victory, and 1 for a loss
  • Maximum Fuel storage will increase from 4 to 10

These changes will not only make each battle feel more valuable, they intend to allow you to play C&C: Rivals the way you want, while still maximizing rewards.

We are excited to make these changes to Bounties and Crates in the next update and will continue to listen to your feedback about these systems while monitoring their performance. Let us know what you think of the changes to the Bounty and Crate system on Twitter and Discord.


 - TheCourtJester, Rivals Sr. Product Manager


You can read the original article here.

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Re: Coming Soon: Bounties and Fuel Improvements

★★★ Guide
What are the plans on the cap on daily coin rewards? Is this to stay? Kinda frustrating that after a point you are no longer rewarded for playing the game anymore, yet we can buy 100,000 coins with real money at any point. So limiting earned coins is purely a "buy diamonds" incentive rather than a game play one.
Message 2 of 6 (454 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Bounties and Fuel Improvements

★★ Apprentice

I really like the reroll option on Bounties

Message 3 of 6 (343 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Bounties and Fuel Improvements

★★★★ Novice

There are bugs in the bounties : several times at the end of a match the game doesn't count built units or used commander abilities.

Message 4 of 6 (317 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Bounties and Fuel Improvements

EA Community Manager

Hi @Ro0lf,


Thank you for reporting this. Does this only seem to happen with specific units or commanders, or does it seem to randomly occur?

Message 5 of 6 (289 Views)

Re: Coming Soon: Bounties and Fuel Improvements

★★★★ Novice
Not sure.

It happened in a game where I spammed pitbull. Now I'm telling this I'm wondering if I confused rhino and pitbull...

Pretty sure it happened with jade missile too.
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