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Re: Clothing Ideas!!!

by NeonBanana10

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Clothing Ideas!!!

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I have some samples for TSM Designer 🤣🤣🤣
I need these outfits in my Sims Life!...Here’s some suggestions that’ll upgrade our closet’s 😁

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Re: Clothing Ideas!!!

Wah! That unicorn is so cute! Well done! Heart


do not work for EA




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Re: Clothing Ideas!!!

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Love these, I’d also love to see some “mom” jeans for the girls, some corduroy pants for the girls, a denim skirt and a solid tube top option for the girls. For guys I think we need some non high top sneakers, the knock off adidas sneakers that the kids have, a pair of denim shorts with holes, and a plain solid color crew neck T-shirt. Just some other suggestions.

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Re: Clothing Ideas!!!

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I’d also like to see some darker shadow and lipstick options for the darker skin complexions, a lot of the current makeup options look best above the 8th skin tone.

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Re: Clothing Ideas!!!

★★ Expert

Hey, @MirahLuv! Fabulous work! What programs/apps did you use to make your samples???

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