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Re: Cheating Players

by EA_dance210

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Cheating Players

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are you going to do anything about players that cheat..????

i mean come on i killed this guys harvester 4 times and yet he still produces high units in the matter of moments not to mention this guy lagged out the game from the beginning and constanly after the first missile

is EA going to hold players responsable for this or not i know the game released and im still seeing this the guys name is BA BDER from ascendance 

start policing your damn game EA this is getting * 

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Re: Cheating Players

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Are you deadpoolTRD? Watched all of BA BDER's games and didn't see any where he cheated. Keep in mind, harvesters are free to replace, so losing one doesn't cost them any income, it simply gives you free income. So aside from the time it takes to trundle back to the tib field, he will keep getting income and can purchase stronger units. 

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Re: Cheating Players

EA Community Manager

Hi @AbC4847a4811204,


We take cheating very seriously. We investigate all player reports of cheating, as well as actively monitor the game. If you ever run across a player or match that you feel is suspicious, you are welcome to report them to EA Help or you can send me a PM here with details/replay. Players are also welcome to friend me in game if they wish (dance210#9DmWpkD5) and I'm always willing to check out replays that way.


With the current Tiberium economy, it is possible for a player to still get higher tech units even after harassing and killing their harvester. 

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Re: Cheating Players

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I too am seeing cheaters with no harvesters producing units immediately. This needs to be fixed. Also they have a cheat that disconnects you for about 15 seconds then reconnects by then you are almost done..
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Re: Cheating Players

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How do you send replay?
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Re: Cheating Players

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Mostly the issues I've seen is player out producing me with one harvester.   Excessive lag playing some and player producing units quickly when there should be the cool down.    I had one earlier where they did three Flame tanks pretty quick.  

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Re: Cheating Players

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I think most of these 'cheaters' are regular players playing the game. Here is how the spawning works:

You have a unit cap at the bottom left of your screen. As the match progresses, this cap slowly opens up to allow you to have 6 units on the field. Losing one of these units frees up the slot and allows a replacement to be built instantly. This prevents players from spamming low cost units to fill the map, or overwhelming their opponent.

So taking all that in mind, here are a few key strategies:

If the enemy has a low health unit that doesn't pose a threat to your army, try to leave it alone and not kill it. Let it hit your base or harvester. That is now 1 less unit they can produce giving you an advantage over them as long as it remains alive.

On the flip side, don't try to preserve almost dead units. If something is just barely alive, it won't do you much good, and is almost always better off getting sent to their honorable end and having a fresh unit replace them. The only time this strategy isn't valid is when the nuke is going critical and you need every able body to rush the pads.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Cheating Players

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hell i had a play lag me out of the game completely 


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Re: Cheating Players

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I don't know how this happens but I've been also wondering about cheaters. In some matches it just seems really impossible for the opponent to have higher units that fast, I notice this mostly when we are both following a very similar strategy, if not the same, but somehow they manage to build everything at least 2x faster. I wish there was a way to identify if they are really cheating.
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