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Re: Challenge Battles are Inconsistent

by ropeAd0pe

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Re: Challenge Battles are Inconsistent

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Really? I get them even in masters.
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Re: Challenge Battles are Inconsistent

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Nope, nothing. I was wondering if they even existed at all.
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Re: Challenge Battles are Inconsistent

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That's what has happened to me I'm stuck in a loop in the Gold league. I only get challenge battles no normal battles at all. I cant go back and cant move forward because every players is at least 3 levels higher than me with level 10 units while i could only get some of my units to level 5 what can I do to fix this. FYI I haven't spent any real money in the game I just played with the free stuff I was given. It has slowed to a crawl stuck in the same rank for ever.
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Re: Challenge Battles are Inconsistent

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Mine are consistent, 90%+ games are challenge matches, mostly vs player lvl 60 (I’m lvl 31) mostly with unit levels 2-3 lvls higher. I win more than I expect but it seems wrong! Is this where I’ll sit till I complete enough bounties and free crates to be competitive? In diamond 2. Also wondering why the champions blitz is not using the “tournament” rules that even out unit levels, as it appears to be a tournament 

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