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Cavalry Vs. Calvary and Tank Vs. Tanks/ Commander mode (Game Mode)

by bananahead32

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Cavalry Vs. Calvary and Tank Vs. Tanks/ Commander mode (Game Mode)

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It is not my place to tell you what to do but I only suggest that a purely cavalry or tank on tank battles would be a fun addition to Battlefield 1. Personally I am a HUGE fan of all your Battlefield works and I am very fond especially of the commander mode in Battlefield 4 but I think an adaptation of that kind of "command" could be implemented into Battlefield 1 before y'all pull the plug. Although the commander mode is very fun and interactive it is mostly ignored by almost if not everyone because of the fact that it wasn't "descriptive enough". A different game mode with 1 or 2 commanders or "generals" to command the troops on each side of the battlefield would have a much more impounding effect on the combat strategies and would require constant orders and a more interactive and visual order structure for example arrows and ideal squad positions would be an almost realistic warfare situational structure other than just run straight to an enemy objective without proper order. The squad leaders leads the squad but who leads the squad leaders? Yes, I am asking for a lot but from a customers POV. it would make me want to muster up my Platoon for a Platoon vs. Platoon match where I can make my Colones Squad leaders and they can lead the Lieutenants and Privates to unimaginable game play. I dream of leading a charge of my Cavalry men in this AMAZING game. To add any of these suggestions to any of you Battlefield titles whether it'd be in Battlefield 1, 2018, or the future it would make a dream come true. Thank you for your time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sincerely, BGen. Jaime D. Ramirez 

(P.S. I've linked a general outline of a possible command visualization)

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Re: Cavalry Vs. Calvary and Tank Vs. Tanks/ Commander mode (Game Mode)

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Hey, @bananahead32 Not a bad idea at all and especially from historic a setting of WW1. I'll send this on to the team as feedback, but I would not expect much.  


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