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Caught Player Cheating

by Z3nyaRU

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Caught Player Cheating

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Players are cheating by disconnecting and receive NO POINTS! There are player actually lose on disconnects but  this new disconnecting is different! Took a picture of the last player who did this...please give week ban on this or longer....


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Re: Caught Player Cheating

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Not a cheater ,when people know they not going to win they back out to start a new game, they still get the lose
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Re: Caught Player Cheating

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i didnt get any points...i couldnt watch my replay or find any record of the match.

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Re: Caught Player Cheating

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Perhaps there was a real connection issues and the server just nulled it?

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Re: Caught Player Cheating

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And you are playing on an emulator on a PC instead on a mobile, with better controls with the mouse and bigger screen. Who really is cheating?

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