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Re: Catering to P2W players

by PunisherTRD

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Catering to P2W players

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I dont know if its just me or not, but I think that this game really caters to P2W players.  To me thats not really that fare, but what do I know.  I am max lvl but i get garbage units from boxes all the time and nothing i really need then i grind all day and do not get rewarded for it.  I know there are others out there who feel the same way I do.  There needs to be something in this game so where if i do get more garbage cards i can get rid of them instead of upgrading the unit making me pay credits for unit that i dont even use.  Maybe an exchange system in place, not donating card to your clan members but a pay out system.  Bc for all of us players that dont spend money on this game, when do we get ours EA...when....??

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Re: Catering to P2W players

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Life is P2W.

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Re: Catering to P2W players

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cashing out cards for spare change is a HORRIBLE idea. What happens when the next balance update hits, and half your army is now reduced in strength and all those units you cashed in are gone, but you sorely need them? Your only recourse would be to buy boxes until you are back at fighting strength and that could be hundreds of dollars. What you propose would do WAY more damage to the playerbase than the store currently does. 


As for catering to pay to win... not really. I've played plenty of people that have bought their levels rather than fought for them, and yea, it can be frustrating, but they usually play badly because they didn't learn all the valuable lessons along the way. You can't buy skill, and the fact that the top of the leaderboards are people who don't pay reflects this.

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Re: Catering to P2W players

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you only think its a bad idea bc you P2W 

and you must be in a lower league if you also think that 

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Re: Catering to P2W players

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you caught me! I have spent several thousands of dollars on this game, have every developer on speed dial, and I can't get out of gold league with my level 14 units, can you give me any tips?

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Re: Catering to P2W players

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yep thought so
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Re: Catering to P2W players

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cmon man, some tips! You are a much better player than me, spare some wisdom! Please?

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Re: Catering to P2W players

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ya stop playing for a free game 

wallet warriors.....

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