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Cars i would buy and the good side of payback

by SpirosFX

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Cars i would buy and the good side of payback

★★★★ Novice

  After a series of topics, revealing how bad work has been done in this game, the lack of creativity, the adoption of bad practices, and ofc bugs, i thought to write this time, what parts of this game are well made, the way i see it.


  A request i have about cars additions, is the old good Koenigsegg CCX and ofc my beloved Subaru impreza WRX sti of 2004. Hummer would also be suitable for the offroad events like in NFSU2. Yes i would gladly pay for these.


  Starting with the good stuff, i'll refer to the game's settings, which finally have increased (again) options, mainly the graphics one that can be customized, but audio lacks the source selection. Navigation controls are bad implementation.


  •   Fortuna valley, yes all the areas are nicely made and enjoyable for one to stare around him while driving, with the city as exception, which is a bit bloated and graphic demanding, giving some micro-stuttering sometimes and fps drop.


  •   Driving.. at least with half of the cars, i enjoy the way they behave, although race tuning could be better than this lite one. Also race modes are interesting, especially if someone gets the extra speedcross mode, which is an improvement of the old good StreetX of NFSU2, the way i see it.


  •   Car customization, which could be better by following the nfs world way when it comes to decals and adding more parts that can be used on more than one cars, instead of specific models only, like the hoods of nissan 180sx which were available for 350z back then. Customization camera should be adjustable ofc, to be able to zoom out instead of stucking the cars in our face and able to move it around by default, it's obvious we want it to move freely and not by C !!


  •   Fast travel, which surely helps when one does not want to drive sometimes, but limited only to locations and not events as well.


  •   Textures. Even in low setting, they look like high with minor differences when in high, like for example, when filtering is high as well, the decalls are much more crisp. (do not confuse it with the AF of the graphics card).


  •   Music selection partially, contains some songs that can "mark" moments and even stuck in your head and repeat them for long. Even so, the old good EA trax mode in NFSU-NFSU2 & NFSMW, in which we could select in what mode we want to listen songs, which songs, or even disable completely some, was far better. Sound work ofc as i have said in other topic, is bad, even when listening to songs, since the audio editors enforced normalization technique which is ruining every audio event, like lowering song volume while u select a card for example or when u change a part or when u select another car where the sound goes to the right speaker, same while drifting, where sound jumps from left to righ, an idiotic thing.


  •   Offroad events, but with a terrible camera shake, capable of ripping your eyes. Camera generally is bad work.


  •   Finally, police chase "on demand" i would describe it, and not every 2-3 min, but our cars are like tennis balls in the hands of armored vehicles that can speed up from 100-300 in ms, which is annoying, capable to lift them like a paper, only runner cars can handle this easier. Ironic fact, is the message u get if u get busted, where the genius who wrote it, assumed that it happened because your car was not fast enough... but never because u got thrown off a cliff or on a rock by only a car that looks like rocket-tank (3 and above are like a cement wall)!!!!!!!


Those in general, are the parts of this game that keep me playing and can somewhat balance the bad ones. 

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Re: Cars i would buy and the good side of payback

★★★★★ Guide


Wonderful post you created here! 

Take care! 

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