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Career Mode Suggestions.

by Dimitri88Vegas

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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@Dimitri88Vegas Also, the manager needs to actually speak during press conferences, not just subtitles!! I also notice that most times the first and last sentences have a masculine voice despite having a woman as the manager.
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Re: New setting slider

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Take notes from Football Manager

We want things like VAR, in game shououts to motivate your players from the sidelines and during half time tell them if theyre playing good or stay calm etc and be able to advice any player alone, loans with option to buy; top previous goal scorers of the league or champions league get mentioned by commentary staff. transfers are realistic and players in big teams are very hard to get unless you pay twice the price and not like now in career mode where messi can go th Lyon or marcleo or ramos joining barcelona , under 19 teams or at least make big clubs with lots of money to be able to buy some minors clubs to get players from them

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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Players retiring should be a bigger deal.


In my most recent season a player was retiring and I hadn't played him much all year but he never complained. So before the last game of the season the player chat feature pops up and the guy asked to play in the final game to say goodbye to the fans. I think oh that's a cool feature so I respond positively and say he can play.


Now I start him in the game and play him the entire first half I sub him off just after half time expecting the crowd to get excited and him to walk off and wave to the fans... Nope nothing, no fan fare, no cut scene other than the normal subbing off, couldn't even get a mention the entire game about him retiring they did mention the other teams player that was retiring though. So disappointing but then I think okay maybe I'll at least get a message saying thanks for playing me... again nothing.


Even random no name players should get shown some type of appreciation when they walk off the pitch for the final time. There should be a mention in the news section as well. Maybe not every player but your players definitely and superstars especially. I can't imagine a player like Messi just walking quietly into the sunset with even a mention. Superstars like that could even get some appreciation from away crowds in the final few away matches of the games.


On a different but related note players also sometime decide to retire during the season due to poor performance orcdiminsihed skills. Players don't always give a year long notice of retirement sometimes it happens later in the year. Also maybe give the option of trying to talk a player out of retirement. Of course it shouldn't always work but it'd be interesting to go to a key player and say I know you want to retire but can we convince you to stick around one more year or 6 months until we get someone suitable to replace you.


So yeah make retiring players more interesting at the end and ad a bit more randomness to it.

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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I actually play Player Career Mode more than the Manager's. 

I'd love to see some attention being put on it because some simple features are missing for this mode.


    Here are some of them:


  1.  Being a captain for the team/national team. Its simple, just put the trait "Captaincy" in the traits menu.
  2.  Multiple agents to hire.
  3.  Training on one more position.
  4.  Ask your agent to negotiate with the current team for a transfer request and choose which team you want to transfer to.
  5.  Actual use for the salary, for example; buying boots, drawing tattoos, signing with a better agent, etc.
  6.  Interviews after matches, same as manager just replace the team reaction with the manager.
  7.  Permission to take a kit number from another player.


That's all I can think of.

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Request in Career Manager Mode

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I would like to request input career manager mode in proceed mode(auto playing whole match view). Sometime, if i busy i want to open some match for proceed mode (auto playing whole match view with substitute player, team management, etc...). I wanna FIFA career manager mode as like as real manager view. If you will be manager you will see your team match in seater. 


Sorry for my wrong english.



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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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1)  I would include actual voices in the negotiations.  The other day I was falling asleep in front of the TV because of how quiet it is.  


2)  I left in a previous separate post, but for Argentina's league include the Copa de la Superliga and Copa Argentina, along with teams from 2nd Division to make a more complete schedule.  Also, the teams when they score have their own chant.  I'm a fan of Argentinos Juniors and the fans chant "AR-GEN-TI-NOS" when they score.  Also, aside from the long flags there should also be flags with the teams logo.  


3)  During halftime being able to talk to the players.


4)  Before big games, there should be scenes of the fans cheering for the players in the practice before the game and also the bus arriving to the stadium and being "greeted" by the opponents fans.


5)  For younger kids, setting up tactics and explaining the difference between one and the other.  FIFA is very complex for a 10 year old who just wants to play a game.


6)  When negotiating a clause, give us an idea of what to ask for.  


7)  Aside from inidividual training, there should be a chance to train players as a group.  Since goalkeepers all train the same, why not group them and pick 2 specific trainings for that week for goalkeepers?  And be able to do that for the different groups, plus separating physical training for the teams daily and when to set up rest time and when to do double shifts.



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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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More ideas: it would be great if we could search for players by a specific skill.  For example, I like to have wingers with 85-90 in speed, but it's too hard to find them unless I know the players.  And here's an idea of what I mean about the fans:  -this was in the 2nd leg of the semifinal when they were gonna play Boca Juniors on the road  -a summary of how the fans in Argentina are.  I used Argentinos Juniors as an example because I'm a fan of the team


Also, really important: the referee's jersey can't match either team.  It's very frustrating when I'm trying to play quickly and I think that the referee is an opponent.  I refereed for 3 years and I always made the best effort to have a completely different color than any other player on the field.

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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Also, like another suggestion said: be able to upgrade the Stadium or remodel it.  

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Another person said about editing positions and I agree: I started with Argentinos Juniors and Miljevic is a CAM but they made him a CDM Shocked

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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I think the big thing for me is that I want more customization. I'm a creative guy and I'd like to be able to "set the rules" of career mode and imagine a different soccer world if I so choose.


More specifically I'd like:

  • To be able to edit the teams' initial transfer budget in offline play (for use in career mode), or at least be given the option at the beginning of career mode to play with a "realistic" budget or a large or small one. It's no fun to be forced to play with only a handful of teams (none of which I'm particularly fond of, personally) if I want to be a "big budget" team- I'd like the option to make Empoli a big budget team if I desire.
  • To be able to edit a player's potential, how long they have been with a club, their wage and their contract status (i.e. whether or not they are on loan at the club). I don't like how, when I start career mode, it can be a guessing game with regards to who is available all because I have no idea who was a recent signee with a club or who is on loan at that club. This becomes doubly frustrating if (like I have) you have done a lot of changes to the clubs in the offline modes, because then all those players become "recent signees" and thus unavailable for the first year of career mode.
  • To be able to have a few chances at signing or transferring a player before you are forced to abandon the attempt. In real life, these things take a lot of time and a lot of conversations and haggling, but in the game, one "bad" offer (which may not actually be that bad) and that's it. Anyone who has done negotiations before knows you never start with your "best" offer- you highball or lowball (depending on what is being negotiated) so that when both parties come to "the middle" it's where you want it to be. You need a few negotiations before you can get to that point.
  • Side point to the previous point- can we not get managers who rudely storm out of the room just because I say "this deal doesn't work?" Where's the professionalism of these people?
  • Don't know if this should be reported as a bug or not, but I want some fairer transfer scenarios. I seem to be repeatedly vastly overpaying for other teams' players while the CPU never offers (or even accepts) a fee well above a player's value. The value of the player should be the "middle ground" in a negotiation, not the starting point.
  • A "transfer finder", similar to the "trade finder" in the NHL series. I should be able to see if I actually have a market for a player before seeing if I should list him. Because- and maybe it's just me- but I hardly ever get offers for my players.
  • No more limits on how many players I can release, unless it would mean I can't field a team or my budget won't allow it.
  • No more automatically assigning free agents to clubs right at the start of career mode. At least give me a day to make my pitch to them before they get gobbled up.
  • I'd like to be able to edit the qualifying rounds for the club competitions (where applicable), as well as be able to edit the Copa Libertadores and the AFC championship, not just the UEFA Champions' League and the Europa League.
  • A few more options for female managers. Give me the option to put her in a dress or a long skirt, as well as the option to let down her hair. I'd also like to be able to give her wrinkles- I can create a middle aged male manager, why can't I do that with a woman?
  • Have the ability to play as the club's current manager, or at least be able to insert real managers into career mode or at least be able to create a manager who has experience. Wouldn't it be fun to see how well Jose Mourinho would do at Walsall, or repeat Claudio Ranieri's career redemption story at Leicester with another manager? There could be an in-game bonus with this- a "name" manager gives the club prestige which should help them attract players. I'd love to be able to do that right off the bat.
  • Have the ability to trade multiple players at a time. I know those deals are more common in North America but it's not without precedent- when Inter sold Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Barcelona, they received three players in return. I'd like to be able to do that as a manager, as that would help keep costs down.

That's all I can think of for now. If I think of more, I'll post them.

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