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Career Mode Suggestions.

by Dimitri88Vegas

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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They literally put no AI into anything that doesn’t make them lots of money. All they care about on Fifa games now sadly. Career modes used to be fun and entertaining. Now it’s longwinded and poorly done.

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Re: Career Mode Suggestions.

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lets start off to bring back the gameface feature or add a facescan option for (player career) mode or pro clubs. it's adds realism, it's 2020 and we still have the same generic zombie looking face which you even can't customize properly.
It gives the whole career mode a dull and empty experience, also because nothing else improves.
what were you thinking by removing it? the career mode should be the main focus on every sports game but instead it gets worse and worse every year.

Add gameface, sponsordeals, realistic transfers (and negotiations) , add decisions which may affect your career,  fix the ultimate difficulty.

Let us feel like we live the career and not like playing this limited boring abandoned mode.

Career mode have so much potential, the community has brought you so many ideas which has all been ignored.


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Non league in career mode

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Non league teams should be brought into career mode for example hashtag united and all other semi pro teams and leagues from the 5th division downwards 

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Career mode suggestion

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I suggest non league teams are added so semi pro teams and all divisions from league 2 under in the English leagues should be added as it will make career mode more interesting 

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